Twenty Three

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We all sat sprawled across the main room. This is the first time we've all been completely silent. I stare at the floor but I feel eyes on me. I cry quietly letting my tears fall into the blood soaked bandage  across my cheekbone.

"I'm sorry" Chan says and we all look upto meet his eyes but his eyes only find mine. A overwhelming feeling eats at my insides and forces me to look away.

"Why didn't you tell us earlier?" Jeongin sniffs roughly wiping tears off his cheeks.

"I thought I could get better." Chan says and Jeongin falls onto Minho's shoulder and starts to sob.

This brings a tear to everyone's eyes as we all exchange sad glances. Each of us already mourning for our friend.

"What should we do if you hurt one of us again?" Felix asks his voice weak, tears on the verge of falling down his face.

"Hurt me back" Chan says and I think back to the fight that occurred less than an hour ago.

The look in Felix's eyes were broken after his friend threw him across the room. I let my head drop and pinch the bridge of my nose willing the tears to stop. Seungmin places a reassuring hand on my shoulder as he top fights back his emotions.

"I wanted to talk to you because Ash and Woojin promised me something and I want you all to know" Chan says and Woojin who is sitting next to me grabs my hand as I look up to join the conversation.

"In two days I think I'll be more drifter than I'll be myself and so I've asked Ash and Woojin to stop that from happening. I want you all to help each other when I'm gone-"

"Stop it. You're going to get better. If I have to invent the cure myself I will but you are not dying Chan" Changbin speaks for the first time all day. He doesn't need to shout for the tone and severity of his voice commands everyone's attention and no one dares reply to his statement.

A long silence fills the room as we each share glances once again hoping that somehow this would all just stop.

Just then a window smashes in the far corner of the room. And Woojin rushes straight over.

"He's here" he turns to us and we all immediately stand up.

"Who?" Hyunjin says as Woojin runs back to us in the middle of the room.

"Sunwoo and all the guards" he says and we all go wide eyed.

"Come out we know you're in there" a voice booms through a speaker that I instantly recognise as Sunwoo's voice.

Fear stuns my body as I can't find the will to move no matter how much I want to.

"Where do we go?" Jisung asks picking up our emergency bag.

"There's no where to go they'll be faster than us" Hyunjin says running a hand through his hair.

"so what do we do?" Jisung says looking around.

"We give ourselves in" I say and they all look at me shocked.

"Ash-" Chan starts

"What if they have a cure? If there is any chance at making you better I will take it. You guys can run and I'll hand myself in" I command standing my ground.

"We came here together. We stick together. This is our place and I'm not handing it to anybody. If they want it they'll have to kill me first" Woojin steps forward as another bullet shatters a window.

Short update as this book is coming to an end soon :(

Thank you to everyone who has made it this far into the story <3

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