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This few days passed like a whirlwind of confusion,first we were eating dinner and now I was helping my mother to clean up our new homein the royal estates  which by the way was perfectly clean but wasn't to the eyes of mami.

Abba on the other hand had gotten a place as the advisor of the king which was a huge position,it was sad leaving the old house but thinking of it I have been moving all my life around Saudi for as long as I  can remember.

"Zeera habibti you haven't even got the food ready have you"mami said.
I immediately snapped out of my thought.

"No I ha.........."but I was cut off by a knock at the door who could it be. I stood p and got my long hijab to get the door as I opened it I came face to face with a small petit figure then she looked up she had cute big brown eyes and a straight little nose that complemented her full pink lips.

"Asalamu alaikum" she said almost sounding like a squeak she was holding a basket that looked heavy and was weighing her down.

"Let me get that for you" I said but my aim was effortless.

"No no no kings order"she said with stern in her voice,I brought her in and addressed her to the kitchen after she told me her purpose

"My name is Afaf burkaan I am here by the order of the king to give you this basket of food and also to commence my service".

I stayed silence she means being our maid never in my life have we had a maid mami hates people picking up after her and she also wishes for me to learn.

"So your saying the king sent you to be of help to us???" I asked

"Yes"she said

"Wait her" I said as I went upstairs to meet mami arranging her arranged wardrobe.

"Oh zeera habibti,who was at the door" I told her everything but the reaction I got that I wasn't expecting.

"Show her to one off the spare rooms".she said calmly. I was actually expecting a "is he trying to say I need help getting my house clean" but I got this.

"But mami....."I was cut off by her.

"I know what you are thinking on normal bases u would never but she is here by order of the king if we were to send her back it will be like a slap on the face from us to the king so we must not argue just hope the best".

I thought of it and mami was right so I went down to meat Afaf who stood there like a statue that only responded to movement.

"Erm sorry for the waiting...." I said being cut off once again

"No need to apologise"she said innocently.

"Okay well let me show you to your room"i said leading her upstairs to the extra room.

"Make yourself at home if you need me that's my room over there next to the flower pot" I said pointing at my room.

"Thank you your hospitality is most appreciated" she said before entering the room and closing the door.

I went down stairs to set the table to find it already set with the food(which I guess is from the basket)laid on the table in food warmer to keep them from getting cold I stared at the table which was just a description of perfect,something inside me told me me and Afaf are going to get along just fine.

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