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Papyrus sat up in bed, instantly awake.


He tossed aside his blankets and lunged across his room. In seconds he was out in the hall, reaching for the doorknob to his brother's room. Then he was flinging open the door, frantically searching for Sans-...

Sans was sitting on his mattress, back against the wall, looking up at Papyrus, surprise at the sudden entry written clearly on his face. "papyrus-! wha-...?"

Papyrus, on the other hand, was practically sagging with relief. For a second there, he had thought...

But it was okay. Sans was okay, everything was okay.

"It's... It's alright, Sans," Papyrus said slowly. "I just-... I had a nightmare, and you-... I thought-... there was a human and they-... you were-..."

Sans sighed a little and gave Papyrus a small, placating smile. Standing up, he spread out his arms for Papyrus to see. "'s alright, bro. i'm here, i'm okay. see?" He turned a little to clearly display to Papyrus that he was, in fact, there. Then he proceeded to lightly pat himself down. "yup, all here, all in one piece, just like it should be. nothin' to worry about." Then he looked back up at Papyrus. "it was just a bad dream."

Papyrus let out a breath. "Yeah... hey Sans?"


"Why-... why were you already awake? Shouldn't you have been asleep?"

Sans blinked a little and sat back down. "oh, you know, i had a nightmare, too. guess i just woke up first."

"...Oh." After a second, Papyrus walked over to sit down beside Sans. "What-... what was your nightmare about?"

Sans just gestured vaguely. Papyrus wasn't surprised by the noncommittal reply; Sans never really told him about the nightmares. Papyrus thought it really would help Sans to talk about it, after all, he always felt better after talking about nightmares when he had them, but Sans had remained unnaturally stubborn in not divulging that secret. Which was a shame, because Papyrus thought the nightmares were a really big part of Sans' depression, and if Sans would just let him help...

But, instead, Sans just leaned against him, wrapping his arms around Papyrus's neck. Papyrus took comfort in that, really, in Sans' closeness. It made his nightmare seem all the more distant, all the more fake. Because right now, everything was okay. Sans was okay, and he was okay.

Everything was okay.


There was something horribly wrong with the human, Papyrus knew-

"hey, papyrus."

Papyrus's looked up calmly as he heard his brother's voice. Then he narrowed his eyes. "Sans! Aren't you supposed to be... loafing off at your sentry station or something?"

Sans just shrugged nonchalantly, hands stuffed in his jacket pockets. "jus' thought i'd check in on the coolest monster around."

Papyrus gave his brother another look. He was almost certain that this unexpected "check in" was a result of Sans' nightmare last night. He really wished Sans would talk to him about that. "Well! I appreciate the compliment, but really, Sans! The human is going to be this way soon! I have to capture them!"

Sans didn't move, though, instead looking up at Papyrus, his brow furrowing thoughtfully. "yeah, you know, i was thinking about that. shouldn't you, y'know, go get undyne or something?"

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