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Friday 7:25pm

Where you go Lonzo. Denise asked. I sighed and rolled my eyes it been 3 days since I asked Jaliyah out on a date and Denise has been all up my ass all week.

Hello Zo I'm talking to you. She said. I sighed putting my shirt on and looked at her.

I'm going out with a friend don't know when I'll be back so don't aspect me to be back by 12. I said. She folded her arms and looked at me.

Where my daughter. I asked and walked passed into Zoey room and she was sleeping peacefully.

Okay Denise I'm leave bye. I said and grabbed my keys and left. I called Jaliyah.

Hey Zo I'm almost finished getting ready.

Okay I'm be there in like 20mins

Okay just call me when your downstairs.

Ight see you.

Okay. I ended the call. Soon I got the address she texted me and I called her and let her know I was down stairs. So she came out the building look sexy as hell.

Hey Zo

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Hey Zo. She said getting in the car.

Her sexi. I said pulling off.

Stop you have a girl. She said.

Anyway...So what you been up to. I asked.

Umm nothing really just work and talking to my family and friends in Boston oh speaking of friends so my in love with Gelo like in love 24/7 Gelo this Gelo that. She said. I laughed.

What about your friend and Gelo. I asked.

Her birthday soon and I wanna surprise her. She said. I nod.

I wanna her to meet Gelo for her birthdays I she can leave me alone always telling if I ever meet Gelo I'm gonna kiss him. I would just look at her like umm his taking just like the rest of them. She said.

I don't wanna be taking anymore. I rather be a single man with a baby momma and some new girl. I said. She looked at me.

Umm Zo you just said you don't wanna be taking then said you said you what some new girl. She said.

What I mean is I don't wanna be with Denise anymore I wanna be with someone else ever since she had Zoey she been like a full bitch always on my dick and up my ass. I said pulling up to Olive Garden.

But Zo you got a kid together you can't and you been with her for 4 years. She said as we walked in the restaurant we got a table ordered our drinks and stuff.

I know we got a kid but she think just because she had my daughter that we could be together forever. I said.

Well I'm not gonna stop you if that's what you want then do you as long as still take care of baby Zoey. She sipping her drink.

Can I just tell you that your look at amazing. I said taking her hand.  She giggled.

Why thank you. She said. Soon our food came we talked and joked around then we went for a walked on the beach.

I really had fun with you today Zo. She said as we walked side by side.

Me too Liyah and thanks for the advice. I said and stop for a second.

No problem. She said.

Maybe we should do this again but for lunch. I said.

Yeah sure when ever you want. She said. Then was walked back to my car and I took her home.

Hey I had a really amazing night I would like to take you out for lunch tomorrow before the game. I said.

I guess but what about Denise isn't she gonna be there. I asked.

No because we're going against the Chicago Bulls and she not traveling around the world with my kid. I said. She giggled and unlocked her door.

Well okay then. She said.

Ight I'll be here in the morning to pick you up. I said.

Whatever Zo. She said giggled and things got quite and we both leaned in until our lips met. We kissed for a good 3 mins and pulled away.

Wow that was surprising. She said.

Your a good kisser. I said. She pushed a pice of her hair behind her ear.

Thanks not bad yourself but I really should get going it's like 3 in morning and you are supposed to sleep gotta a big day ahead of you. She said.

True well goodnight beautiful. I said wave at her and walked away when I got home Denise was sleeping in the guest room will I check on my princess seen she was wide awake.

Hey Princess why are up you did mommy fed you. I wispher and made her a bottle I walked to my bedroom and laid pillows on the side of the bed so she wouldn't roll off and throw some basketball shorts on and went to sleep.

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