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Part four of No More! Enjoy!


Papyrus sat up in bed, instantly awake, the fringes of a nightmare still clinging to his mind.

That was... unusual. Papyrus didn't have nightmares, and very rarely did he differ from his usual sleep cycle. For a long few moments, he simply sat in bed, a sick feeling of dread sitting about where his stomach would've been if he had had a stomach.

He tried picking apart the dream, too. That was something Sans had told him to do, that analyzing a nightmare made it seem a lot less scary, when you realized the impossibility of it. When you saw how you were just imagining it, that something like that couldn't happen in real life.

Papyrus could remember standing in the snow, hope and fear grappling in his chest. He could remember trying to dodge, lurching out of the way. He could remember Sans...

And then, he woke up.

Maybe... maybe I should go check on Sans. Not because I still feel scared. Just to make sure he's not having a nightmare or anything.

With that thought, Papyrus tossed aside his blankets and headed for the door. In a few seconds, he was carefully opening the door to Sans' room, hoping that maybe, for once, Sans was sleeping easier than he.

Unfortunately, this wasn't so. Sans was curled up in a tight ball, pressed against the corner of the wall. Papyrus knew what that meant; it meant Sans was having one of the sad nightmares. One of the ones that left him tired and depressed all day, and sometimes extra clingy, too. This was one of the hardest nightmares to take care of, and the kind that had the longest lasting effects.

So Papyrus just sighed and walked over, scooping Sans up in his arms. "It's alright, Sans. I'm here. It's okay, I'm here."

Sans just twisted in Papyrus's arms, latching on quite suddenly to Papyrus's scarf, letting out a sort of choked sob. He might have whimpered out his brother's name, too, but Papyrus wasn't sure about that.

Something in Papyrus twisted, just a bit. That was-... wrong. The wrong response. But that didn't make sense, because all things considered, this was a normal response to this kind of nightmare, and it shouldn't have been surprising at all, but it still made a lump of dread form in Papyrus's Soul, and he couldn't figure out why.

Maybe... it's just because I'm on edge from my own nightmare?

Papyrus decided that must have been it, even though he for some reason felt a compulsion to tell Sans to not go to Grillby's, despite the fact that Sans hadn't said he was going, didn't seem to be wanting to go, and was still clinging quite tightly to Papyrus's scarf.

But, well, there wasn't much Papyrus could do about that. He resigned himself to simply holding on to Sans until he was feeling better.


There was something horribly wrong with the human, Papyrus knew-

"hey, papyrus."

Papyrus's head snapped up as he heard his brother's voice. Then he narrowed his eyes. "Sans! What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be... loafing off at your sentry station or something?"

Sans just shrugged nonchalantly, hands stuffed in his jacket pockets. "jus' thought i'd check in on the coolest monster around."

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