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i sigh in delight as i hold the petite boy in my arms. he's peacefully sleeping now, finally. it took me a while, but i finally got him to calm down a little.

how can teenagers be this mean? i mean, they've scared him to death, what is he going to do now? it's not like i can exactly take him from all of his lessons, that is not possible.

what if i ask his parents to find him a place in another school nearby? that's a good idea. i have a free lesson, i think i will go and talk to his parents.

"baby.." i whisper, tickling the little boy.

"nuuuuuuuh" he groans, a small smile on his face.

"wake up baby boy we've gotta go talk to your father!" i say,and he looks up in surprise.

"why.?" he asks, sitting up and sitting opposite me. he looks scared, but it's the only choice we have right now.

"i'm going to ask if you can transfer schools. you can't stay here. i won't let you." i sigh, looking down at my hands not wanting to see his reply. i hate seeing him sad, it's truly depressing.

"u-uhh do we have t-to?" he asks, a deep sadness settling in his eyes.

"yeah, i'm sorry tyler." i sigh. "it's the only thing we can do, i'm not letting you stay in this school."

"w-will we still be friends.? please?" he asks, and i chuckle.

"of course! we will always be friends. i promise" i reply, and i see him hum and smile.

"okay then!" he replies, the cutest smile on his face.

"we've gotta hurry and go though, so let's leave now."


i pull up at his house. all i can say is, "wow."

"don't think i'm a stuck up rich kid cause of this..? okay? we work for our money, every cent of it." he says, frowning a little.

we get out of the car, and i grab his backpack and put it on his back for him. i watch him click a call button near the entrance gate, him smiling when a deep voice answers,

"hello, son"

"dadddd! hiiiii! let us in, please it's cold" he giggles, poking his tongue out at the camera i see above the speaker.

"okay son." the man chuckles, opening the gate wide enough for us to enter, it closing behind us. we walk inside, his father walking towards us as we enter.

he smiles at me and holds his hand out, i shake it.

"christopher joseph. and you are?"

"josh dun. i'm tyler's english teacher. i have some concerns about his safety in our school, and would like to discuss it before it gets out of hand.

"your getting bullied" tyler's dad frowns at him, and pulls him into a hug. he seems like a great man.

"mh.. yeah.. by kellin and uhm brendon.." tyler whispers, loud enough for us to hear.

"what?!?" his dad yells, the rage in his voice clear.

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