4. Truth and Confrontation

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As the suns rays seeped in through the window and hit her face, Athena jumped up from her bed, pain welcoming her with the morning sun. Her thoughts were all muddled up as she looked around her room. The memories of the previous day came back to her and suddenly this familiar sight seemed so foreign to her. The smell of pancakes hit her hard, although the kitchen was too far away to smell anything from her room.

The house was silent, but she heard the sound of swords clashing from the training ground behind the house.

That is odd. I shouldn't be able to smell or hear any of this.

She slowly made her way out of the room but only after she had changed into trousers, a shirt, putting her blades into their rightful places and tying her short sword to her belt.

I need to focus on not letting my emotions get the best of me.

On her way to the kitchen, she passed the den and heard someone inside talking to her father, from the little creak between the doors. Her father must have seen her as he shut the door completely, letting her know that eavesdropping is definitely frowned upon right now. She headed to the kitchen, her wound throbbing with every step.

She looked down at it and was shocked at the sight she saw. The wound was growing into a tattoo, around the bandages, as she realized that the burning sensation she felt was because it was actually burning its way through her skin. And then, his words came back to her.

How dare he threaten my family! she thought as she stomped towards the kitchen, wincing each time as the pain travelled up her leg. Miriam worked alone, shedding silent tears for the son she lost.

"They all went out to train, love. Mark is especially pushing himself today. He is blaming himself for what happened to you and Adam last night." She said, trying hard not to cry. "I am so glad nothing happened to you, love. I don't know what I would have done if I lost you too."

Athena walked over to Miriam and hugged her. "I will find him, mum. I promise." She grabbed a couple of pancakes, nibbling it down as she walked into the training ground to find Mark.

She found him alone, while James and Michael were sparing with each other. He was punching and kicking the training dummy with every bit of energy he had in him.

"Mark!" she shouted as she ran toward him. The sounds of swords clashing stopped and she saw Mark tense. She motioned for James and Michael to continue their training as she walked up to him.

"I am sorry. It's all my fault he whispered." His voice was so quiet that she was sure she would've missed it if she hadn't been expecting him to say something.

"Mark, if it is anybody's fault, it is mine. And I promise to bring him back."

"I thought you were with me. I couldn't stop and turn back with three of them right behind me. I should've fought them off and I should've come back. Then he wouldn't have been taken away. Gods, if he isn't alive..."

"Hush, he is alive. I am going with Father, as soon as he sends away that visitor, to search for Adam. I will bring him back." Athena said.

As she moved to take another step towards Mark, a growl emanated from the woods surrounding the training grounds. Wolves jumped out from behind the bushes, transforming into fully geared people and taking the four of them by surprise. James and Michael tried to fight off two of them each but quickly realized they were outnumbered and put down their weapons. Mark pushed Athena behind him and tried to attack one of them but was easily brought down to his knees. The wolves held them down with a knife at their throats rendering them immobile, except Athena.

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