Antoni, Stop Stealing My Ties.

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Damien: Antoni, where is my black tie?

Antoni: Why are you asking me?

Daniel: You know, there is a chat between just the two of you.

Damien: You are the only one who plays with them, Antoni. Yes Daniel, we do. I mis-clicked, my apologies.

Austin: It's two in the morning here Damien, I had just gotten those two in bed. 😡

Drew: Found it, Antoni was hiding it in his cat bed.

Antoni: Drew!

Damien: Thank you, Drew.

Drew: No problem.

Serenity: Okay you little shits, go to bed before I become an angry snake that can easily eat you all.

Antoni: Okay Serenity, sorry sis.

Drew: But these morons woke me up...

Serenity: Not you Drew.

Drew: Okay, Morning/Night everyone.

Drew went offline

Damien: I would like my tie back.

Daniel: Dude, stop texting, Serenity goes through with most things she says.

Damien: Fine, good night/morning everyone.

Damien went offline
Daniel went offline
Austin went offline

Serenity: Now Antoni.

Antoni: Satan damn it, fine.

Antoni went offline

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