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I nodded, walking pass the two boys. As I was about to finish walking away from Eric, he grabbed my arm.

"Go. We'll catch up." Eric ordered the initiate.

He obeyed, not waiting another second.

"Are you okay?"

"Why should you care?"

"We aren't having this discussion, again, (L/N)."

"Then don't discuss with me if you don't want the same question. I hate you, Eric."

"Why do you hate me?"

"Fuck off. Just go back to Jean. You should know why." I muttered the last sentence, getting my arm back from the stronger male.

I walked away from the taller person, walking out the door, and off of the steps. Peter stood there, watching the door. I stomped against the steps, not caring if it made loud noises. When I was off of the steps, I marched over to my bag, picking it up off of the ground. I swung it over my shoulder, awaiting for Eric to come out of the cabin.

"So, what happened in there?" Peter asked behind me as I was facing the way we came.

I snapped my neck to look at the brunette. He got the hint, raising his hands in the air. He turned around to face the woods that was behind him. Hurry up, Eric. Shouldn't Jean be your motivation to get your ass moving? I bent my neck to the left then the right, making it pop. The tension that was in it, was some what gone.

Finally, I heard the leaves of Eric's big feet come from the cabin. Hurry up, Princess.

"Let's go." Eric's cool voice hit my ear like he was right behind me.

When I turned around, Peter was staring at Eric's back. I turned back around to see Eric's back as well. Asshole. I followed him, looking in the corner of my eye to make sure that Peter was behind us as well. We walked quickly. He's mad. He's got to be mad. What did I say to offend the precious baby?

I just said the truth.

* 20 Minutes Later *

I looked up at the Sun, seeing it go down quicker than it should've.

"Eric." Peter started.

"I know, if we run, we can make it." Eric said quickly.

Then, we started to sprint to get to the train in time.

* Three Hours Later *

When we reached the railroads, we were all hard of breathing. Four turned around at the sound of us.

"Where the hell have you been?" He shouted, glaring at us from the little circle that they had made.

"You should've been here thirty minutes ago." He growled at Eric when we got closer.

He turned his attention to me, getting ready to give me a pep-talk. He stopped when he saw my even more cracked mask.

"What happened to her?" Four asked, grazing his thumb against the cracks.

"Factionless." Eric answered, looking away from us.

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