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Chapter 75

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After some heavy persuasion, I finally convinced Briana to move in with me. People have been trying to tell me it's a bad idea and by "people" I mean Jake. He thinks I'll no longer have any freedom and that Bri will stop me from going out and having fun, but I don't think that'll happen.

I was supposed to be going out with Matt, DJ & Jake, but I figured I would talk to Bri first.

I went downstairs and she was on her laptop. She was in sweatpants, a t-shirt, her was up in a messy bun and she had her glasses on and she still looked unbelievably perfect. I walked over to the couch and sat beside her.

"What are you doin?'" I asked.

"Watching dance footage. What's up?" she asked taking her glasses off.

"I'm going out with the guys tonight," I said.

"Okay. Have fun," she smiled. She pecked my lips and put her glasses back on.

"You don't mind?"

"Nah. Why? Do I need to be worried about something?" she asked.


"Alright. You don't have to talk to me before you go out; just let me know you're leaving. I'm not clingy; I'll let you have your space."

I love her so much.

"Alright, I'll see you later. I won't be gone too long," I said.

I kissed her temple and left.


I think it's cute that Blake talked to me before he left. Don't know why, it just was.

"butt naked nasty or naw. can you make it butt naked nasty or naw."

While I was watching the dance footage, my phone started ringing, but I didn't answer right away because I like the ringtone.

I looked at the screen and there was an unknown number, but I answered anyway.

me: hello?
???: hey Briana
me: who's th-Colin?
him: yeah. what's up?
me: [confused] nothing
him: I miss you. when are y-
me: how'd you get my number?
him: take a wild guess


me: did you ask her or did she just give it to you?
him: I asked

Dammit. I'm really gonna have to talk to her about this.

me: and why would you do that?
him: because I wanted it. I mean we're friends right? and friends have each other's phone numbers

I feel like he had a smirk on his face.

me: we can't be friends
him: why not?

I paused for a while before I asked this question.

me: Colin, do you think I'm attractive?
him: hell yeah
me: do you wanna sleep with me?

He got really quiet.

me: Colin?
him: huh?
me: do you wanna sleep with me?
him: yes
me: that's why we can't be friends
him: so we can't be friends because I wanna sleep with you?
me: exactly. Blake wouldn't like it. hell, he got mad when he saw that picture of us
him: come on Briana. I know you're with someone; I wouldn't try anything. ya know, unless y'all break up
me: [laughs] bye Colin
him: wait. you know the season the season started a couple weeks ago; you should come to a game and bring Blake
me: I can't do that
him: why? I told you I wouldn't try anything
me: it has nothing to do with you
him: then why can't you?
me: I'm a Cowboys fan. what I look going to a 49ers game?
him: oh wow. you're a Co-
me: if you're about to insult my Cowboys, I will dead ass hang up on you
him: [laughs] alright. what if we play them, would you come?
me: if you play them in Dallas I will
him: okay, I'll take it
me: good. now bye Colin
him: but I'm not ready to stop talking to you

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