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"So, the famous (Y/N). Lets see what you look like without the mask, shall we?" The girl said, getting closer.

I raised my right arm, blocking her first attack with my forearm. She surprised Eric and Peter, because in a swift movement, they both started to attack; Peter kicked her side, Eric grabbed her by her throat, pinning her down.

"Who are you and who's your leader?" He asked her, holding the gun close to her head.

* CRUNCH~! *

Quickly, I pushed Peter out of the away. I took the kick that was thrown at him. I grunted in pain as the male's foot came in contact with my side. I feel over at the pressure that came with it. I held my side, but stared up at the man. In a second, he was on the ground also. Peter held his gun to his head.

I got into a crouching position, looking at the male. There's another person. I zoned out all the yelling that Peter and Eric did. I put my hand on the ground, trying to feel the movement and vibration of the person's feet. I took a deep breath, then it came. I quickly rose from the ground. I turned to the left side.

I lifted up my foot, making it come in contact with something hard. I felt warmth around my boot. I jumped up, twisting my body to the left. I felt the feeling of hard bone. The woman let go of my foot, allowing me to fall down on the ground in a push up position. Grip came to my head, the woman's strong.

She pressed my head onto the leaves splattered around. I grunted as she did it one more time. When she reeled my head back again, I lifted it up higher, making my head and her knuckles go against her nose. The breaking of bone came into hearing. Yeah she's strong, but I'm stronger.

Before she could do anymore damaged, I turned around, sitting up on my ass, kicking her in the throat. I rose from the ground, feeling something warm fall on my face. Blood. I know the common feeling by heart. I growled at what she did and stomped over to her. I put my boot on her chest, glaring down at her.

She grabbed my foot, but when she did that a loud, piercing noise came through. A gun shot. All of us turned to look behind us. Eric shot the girl who tried to attack me first. She must've not listened.

"SARAH!" The girl beneath my boot shouted.

I turned to look at her one more time. Her lover. You can tell by the way she tried to reach for her and the way that tears were falling down at the rim. She loved her. Very much. Still with my boot on her chest, I bent down, my opposite knee touching the dirty ground.

"I'll make it quick." I whispered in her ear.

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