Killing Spree

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I took the moment while the boy was in shock to kick his head. He fell over on the opposite side of the boy who he had killed. He laid there still in shock of watching his, I'm guessing, best friend be killed. I grabbed my knife from my boot, straddling his chest.

"Who were you talking to?" I growled in his ear, my voice more raspy than ever.

"I-I.. I."

"Start talking or I stab your friend, again."

"I don't know! She just gave us orders to capture you!" He shouted in my ear.

"Wrong choice." I smirked beneath the mask.

I raised the knife up, bringing it back down onto the boy. I leaned back up, putting my index finger on top of my head, bringing it back down to my stomach, stretching it to my left shoulder, and finally, moving it across to my right.

"What-What is she doing?" Peter panted.

"Her parents use to study religion stuff from the people before us. She gave him mercy."

Peter kept quiet after that. I got up from the dead body and turned around on my heel. I walked over to my bag, picking it up. I clapped my hands for them to hurry up. They grabbed their things, too, getting behind me.

"Who were they working for?" Peter asked the question that all of us were thinking.

I shrugged at his question, though, fore, I didn't even know.

"I don't know. That's probably why they wanted us to come out here to clean the area. They're getting to close to the Dauntless base, too close to weapons."

That's probably why, because if one Factionless person gets their hands on weapons, who knows what could happen.

* Hour Later *

No more signs of Factionless members, but I can feel us being watched. I've been keeping my shoulders tense this whole time, awaiting for their move.

"We're being watched." Eric said out of the blue.

I nodded in agreement.

"How do you know?" Peter asked with sass.

"I can feel it."

"We stop here." Eric said, stopping in front of me.

He slid his single backpack strap off of his shoulder and down onto the hard ground.

"We should've gotten something to communicate with." Peter said something smart for once in his life.

I nodded in agreement with him for once.

"They're fine."

"Are you sure about that?" A voice asked from the woods.

Swiftly, I brought down my backpack to the ground with grace. I put my hands in my pockets, awaiting their move.

"Yeah, we are." Peter said back.

I watched him get into his attack move, staring at the spot in front of him. He's watching from the corner of his eyes, but acting like he's watching in front of him.

"Funny. They're dead." The girl said back.

She's in front of me. I stared at the ground, like I didn't notice it

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