Glass Butterflies Chapter 9 [Aylah Snow]

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Chapter 9


Aylah Snow


My heart was fluttering around in my chest. He just told me he loved me. But how can he? He must have seen it. He messed up my mind, he brought me down. And he tells me this...He barely knows me. Anger flashed on my face a split second after adoration. I moved away from him swiftly and made my way back into the room. Rage boiled through my entire being.

"Aylah?" Trace called out to me

"Aylah where are you going?"

I ignored him and went straight for my possessions. As soon as I had hold of them Trace had hold of me.

"Aylah? Talk to me" he pleaded.

"I can't I whimpered"

"Can't what?" He soothed.

Anger made my voice stronger.

"I can't love you back. I can't tell you anything...anything you expect me to do I can't" I burst out.


I cut him off before he could continue his question.

"I just can't ok?"

Hurt stayed on his face as I swirled away from him and left the apartment. I made my way down to the lobby, where I stopped to use the restroom. After I had changed into some clean and dry clothes, I made my way out. Before I left I stopped at the reception desk where a pretty looking woman sat. Her brown hair was pulled back in to a neat ponytail. Her full red lips made her look dangerous combined with her smoky blue eyes. Someone that Trace would be into. She looked up at me and smiled a white smile.

"Hello, can I help you?"

"Umm could you give these to Trace please?" I pushed the clothes onto the desk.

"Absolutely" she scowled slightly. It was obvious that she was into him.

"Thanks" I spoke hurriedly as I practically ran out of the lobby as I saw Trace coming out of the lift.

Once I was outside the glass doors, darkness and light rain struck me with a soft caress. Just the sort of weather I needed to sort out my mind. I pulled my bag up onto my shoulder and headed away from the building. I didn't care where I went I just let my built-in sat nav guide me.

I was beginning to think on all of the events that had happened. Not one but TWO demonic monk things attacked me. Glass popped up in my mouth, of which I could still taste the blood from. I got completely shredded, and a stranger told me he loves me along with this damn butterfly that keeps on following me around like the tail on a dog.

I physically sighed.' My day was just going absolutely fantastic, along with the rest of my life', I thought sarcastically. 'One amazing thing after another' I grimaced into the rain. I stopped looking up into the sky, blinking my eyes against the oncoming down pour. I began to unfold my mind, opening myself up to my environment because it was way too dark to use my human senses. I hadn't fully allowed myself to feel everything when a hand took my wrist. I stifled a scream as I shifted my weight into my other hand, curled into a fist and swung it in the general direction of the strangers face. I felt my fist collide with the face and a satisfactory 'umph' erupted.

While the stranger was distracted I snatched my wrist away and swung round and produced a roundhouse the chest. I heard the air rush from his (or her) body. With that I ran as fast as I could. I burst out on to a lit street. I kept to the shadows; using my extra senses to keep me from any more run ins with strange people. I didn't notice until I looked around in detail, that I had gone back exactly the way I had just come from.

I was outside Trace's apartment block, when I was aware of the heavy following footsteps. Thuds on the wet sidewalk. I swung round, came face to face with a peeved Trace.

"Oh shit" I muttered as he looked at me darkly.

My finely tuned hearing was still picking up the footsteps. I pulled my sight from Trace and looked over his shoulder. There in the shadows, was someone gaining ground pretty quickly. I looked between Trace and the movement, my mouth hanging open.

Now I can see why people say to never mix business with pleasure.

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