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Lafayette P.O.V

It was morning. George, my husband was sleeping soundly, hugging me.

I smiled as I kissed his forehead.

This got me idea. I shall prepare him pancakes for breakfast, because that is his favorite food to eat in morning. (Which is true btw.)

I hummed happily, putting hankerchief on my bare naked body. I dont have time to dress up, cause we will soon have to go to work.

I started making mixture for pancakes.

I left it on stove as I put up pan and oil.

I turned the stove on, adding drops of oil on pan, not to much, and adding mixture.

I hummed a song, as I grinned when I flipped pancake. It made a delicius smell, as I heard George groaned from our bedroom.

I continued to wait a bit untill I put pancake on big plate. It looked so good. George will love this.

"Laf...are you making pancakes??" George groaned again, as it heard rustle from our bedroim, knowing that George is on sitting position.

"Yes daddy!" I yelled back.

I heard loudly cracks on floor as George was walking to me.

Once he come to me, he sniffed air.

"Aahh pancakes. My favorite food." George smiled as he kissed me. I kissed him back deeply as his fingers entered me.

I let out gasp


"Whats my name again?" George glared.

"D..daddy" I said clearly.

He smirked as he oumped into me, stfling my moans.

"O-oh god--!!" I moaned "Daddy im clo--" before I said, he pulled finger back.

I inhaled as I turn pancake. It was roasted a bit. But I dont mind.

Suddenly there was harsh, loved pain.

George slapped my ass three times on row, while I patheticlly cried. Like a whore.

"You dirty slut, this is your punishment for disobeying me. Me and my authority" George growled harshly as he tugged my earlobe.

I moaned as he pushed, rammed inside of me, taking firm hold on my hips.

I moaned loudly as he sucked on my neck harshly.

I tried to flip pancake, somehow I just made it slip into plate, while my hair was pulled and he was hitting my spot.

He wad bitting me, marking me his, fucked me as I was screaming not caring if neighbours heard.

"D-daddy!!!" I yelped as I felt loading again

"Say it, slut" he said "beg for more, let whole neighbourhood, whole town hear your pathetic moans and screams. Mine moans and screams" he said as he was fucking me like there is no tommorow.

"DADDY IM COMING!!!" I cried off.
"Do it, daddy is waiting." He said as he kissed my jawline, slowly maiking his to my lips as his other hand was pumping me.

I screamed once again, teary, cummed on his hand while my throat was hurting me from screaming.

George looked at his hand, which was covered in my sticky load.

I whined as he pulled back, kissing me and slapping my ass again.

I tried to stay on legs as my legs shivered like jelly.

I panted as he put my load on one of pancakes, he rolled it and took a bite.

"Baby you taste so sweet, you want some of it??? Will you be a good slut and taste yourself???" He said smirking, as I grew weak, cumm still flowing down my legs.

I nodded not disobeying him again, as I leaned in to take a bite.

I didnt taste nothing, it was bittersweet.

George smirked as some of load dripped of my mouth, licking it slowly.

"God baby that was hot" George said as I  smiled.

"Baby, was I rough on you??" Geroge's sweet side was showing, pushing pancake away as he took me to his arms.

I smiled
"No daddy, you were good~" I teased on my french accent
"Even if I didnt like it, I would tell you, wouldnt I??" I smirked as I licked his lips and kissed him deeply.

The end


Wow what an amazing ending lol

Hope you like it and this was inspired by p0rn which someone sent me on kik

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