Y/N's POV. Louis' birthday.

I woke up to the boys singing the Wake Up song. I rubbed my eyes and as my vision got clearer, I saw that they were circling around me in their pyjamas and sweaters. Niall was holding his guitar, smiling at me. "Good morning, snowflake. how's your sleep?" Niall said, putting the guitar down and letting it  lean on the wall. 

"Tired as fuck." I replied, reaching for my favorite pillow and hid my face with it. "Give... give me a second... I'll come after you guys..."  I heard them walk towards the door and run downstairs, hitting each other, laughing. I heard the door creaking and revealed Niall's wonderful accent.

"Hurry up, Y/N." I threw the pillow beside me and just lay there, staring at the ceiling. What time is it. I turned to my left side and saw that it was eight in the morning. ughh. I took a closer look on my calendar poster and saw that it was December twenty-fourth.. 

SHIT. IT'S LOUIS' BIRTHDAY. I COMPLETELY FORGOT. I uncovered myself with the blankets and ran in the bathroom inside my room. -The boys decided that they want to stay with me for their winter break because they're gonna miss me when they leave for the tour. That there's no one to laugh with and to make fun of. I'm gonna miss them too. We're back in our apartment in Ireland, By the way.- I opened the faucet and let the water flow. I held my hands to the water and washed my face with my morning soap. I looked at the mirror and smiled. I'm beautiful. All those times I called myself a potato. It will never happen again. I'm beautiful in my own way. I reached for my purple hairbrush and let it slide smoothly on my hair. no tangles, no split ends, no nothing to cause the brush to stop in the middle of my beautiful [color] hair. I took a hair tie and tied my hair into a ponytail. I didn't know why I felt suddenly happy about my life these past couple days.

I went inside my indoor closet and looked for anything to wear. As respect to Louis, I pushed through my hangered shirts and look for my striped sweater. I put it on after I got my red pants in my dresser. I stepped closer at the mirror behind my door. I think I look good enough to go outside. 

I put my hand in the doorknob and twisted it. I pulled my door open.The apartment was really quiet. I walked downstairs slowly, trying everything to be quiet. The boys were in the kitchen, preparing for the party. I popped my head on the divider to spy on the boys. As Louis walked near me, he was holding a bag of chips. I attacked him and jumped on his back. 

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUIS." We fell to the floor and we started laughing. 

"Where's my birthday gift..." I frowned at him.

"I forgot to get you one." He pouted and tried to stand up. I slapped him lightly on the arm. "I was kidding!!" I laughed. "I guess it's Don't-Mess-With-The-Birthday-Boy day?" He didn't say anything, but he responded with a smile. I walked on the opposite side of the counter and hugged Niall from his back while he was cutting the leaves off the strawberry. I kissed him in the neck and left a  tiny lovebite.  I rested my chin on his shoulder and watched him cut the strawberries. 

"Y/N. please, stop giving me hickeys. I have like a million of them by now." Niall sighed. "I can't concentrate, okay? I might cut my finger off if you continue doing that." 

"I'm sorry Niall." I let go from him went to the living room to find Zayn sitting by himself, staring at the TV that isn't even on. I sat on the other end of the couch and looked at him. "Zayn?" he looked at me and smiled.

"Hi Y/N."  he turned back to the TV and his smile faded away. I scooted closer to him and asked him what was bothering him, what was wrong. "My girlfriend couldn't come today." I looked right into his eyes and knew the first tear was about to fall. I felt sorry about it. I really do. Like her girlfriend has been busy with her modeling career that she hadn't been able to visit Zayn when he's on tour or even when he's on his break. 

"I'm sorry Jade couldn't come. Don't cry, Zayn" I gave him a sad smile. "Please? for me?" I furrowed my eyebrows and a second later, Zayn tried his best to smile while he was sniffing away the tears. He bit his lips to hold in his next falling teardrops. He messed up my hair and sniffed once more. 

"This is why I love you, Y/N." Zayn blinked and there it went, another tear fell through his cheeks. "You make us feel better without even trying. You're our angel. We love you." I held my arms wide and hugged him tight. 

"Don't forget. I'm just here, okay?" I said, still in Zayn's arms. "I'll never go away. I'll be here for you guys. Always. And I love you guys, too." After my words, I pulled back. I was staring into his dark eyes until someone rang the doorbell. I hurried to stand up. "I'll get it!" I shouted. 

The door opened and revealed The girlfriends. Lauren, Jackie and Scarlett, in their winter coats and boots. It was snowing hard and a gust of wind brushed their hair in one direction. As I looked at them, I knew something was wrong. I refreshed my memory and boom. I knew what it was. Jackie  was here. 

They took their coats off and hang it in the coatrack. They left their snowboots near the door and ran to hug their boyfriends. 

I realized there was something wrong in the picture. Jackie dumped Liam right? She did, right? Why is she here then. What is happening. Why didn't she come  these past months, yet come now? I knew Liam's hiding something when he told me Jackie dumped him for another guy.

"Liam." I called, still standing at the door. Liam walked towards me and asked why. "Can I ask you something?" Without any doubt, He didn't knew what I'm going to ask. He forgot the whole thing he lied to me about. He nodded, and asked me what was it that im going to ask. "Uhhh, why is Jackie here? I thought... you broke up with her like... months ago." He trapped some air inside his mouth, causing his cheeks to bulge. He looked away from me, thinking how to put his sentences together, how to explain it to me. 

"I lied." He looked down in shame. "I'm sorry. The real story was...was... I broke up with her, then she cried and I felt bad and I just have to take her back. I broke up with her. why? because I don't love her anymore." Liam's words were shocking. Jackie was the best thing that's ever happened to him. They were perfect together. I wonder... I wonder why Liam stopped. Jackie was the most perfect girl. Ever. I stood there, forgetting what I was mad at him about. All I could process in my mind is that why why why. I managed to come back to reality. But before I could say something else, to ask him why he stopped loving her, he told me something that got me all freaky and crazy. 

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