Chapter 2

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Antoher day with her, me and Alfie sat on the picnik benches again that morning, Jessica came and sat with us, she pushed me a side and sat next to Alfie. I got up and sat on the grass, imagining someone throwing a axe at her head, I woke from my day dream, Alfie was stood looking at me, I got up and held his hand, I didn't want anyone to take him away from me, Jessica held his other arm.

"Wow Alfie, do you work out?"


He kept giving her one word answers to give her the hint to leave but I guess she never got it. We got to tutor just before the bell went, I sat next to Alfie and Jessica opposite him, she kept touching his arm and laughing at anything he said. I was looking down at the table, I felt like if I looked at her I would bite her and take every last drop of her blood. My hands were under the table, Alfie grabbed one of them, I looked up at him then at Jessica, she looked jealous.


"Yes Jessica."

He looked at her.

"How long have you been with her?"

He looked at me, I think he could tell I was getting angry at her.

"For about 3 months or so now, why?"

"Just wondering."

I looked at her, now it was my turn to talk.

"You know theres always a reason behind 'Just wondering'. So whats yours?"

She looked at me, she looked scared.

"I-I-I just wanted to know."

"Why though? That can't be it."

"Alfie make her stop please."

He looked at her then me.

"Sorry, I'm not the boss of Alex."

Her eyes started to water, I started to smile, I looked at Alfie. He kissed me gently, pulling away I looked at Jessica, she looked angry, tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Whats up with you?"

I guess I could of been a little nicer to her but she has been flirting with my boyfriend.

"Why are you with her? Shes not even that pretty, I mean shes paler than white, big, brown, bug eyes and shes so moody."

I got up and walked round to her, she watched me every step of the way, I stood and looked at her.

"And whats there to like about you? Your hair is blantly dyed and dull, stick thin, no one wants to kiss a twig and you flirt with other peoples boyfriends!"

I punched her then pulled her dull hair, she landed on the floor. Alfie pulled me away from her, I tryed to resist.

"Alex, back away from her, shes not like us, she'll get angry and transform."

I backed away, I looked at her, she had already started to change, her body covered in white hair, I looked around the room seeing everyone staring at her.


Everyone ran out the door, me and Alfie leaving last, he closed the door behind him.

"We have to run now!"

A loud crashing noise came from the class room, I turned and saw a big, white wolf standing at the other side of the corridoor to me. It started to run towards me.

"Alex do you have that sword?"

I looked at him, I pulled a box from my pocket and opened it, I picked out a small stone out of the box.

"Alex I said sword not stone!"

I laughed then threw the stone in the air, it transformed into a sword, I caught it and started to run towards the white wolf. When I got close enough I swung the sword, cutting her chest. She transformed back into her human form. I knelt next to her, looking at the cut across her chest, she tried to catch her breathe.

"Why did you punch me?"

"It's what you get when you flirt with my boyfriend."

"Why cut me then?"

"You can't go round changing into a wolf when ever you want to, I was lucky you didn't fully transform or it would of took a lot more to turn you back."

She laid still, I put my hand on her cut, I closed my eyes for a moment, I pulled my hand away, the cut had gotten smaller.

"Thats all I'm doing for you. You deserved most of what you got."

She got up and walked away, I looked at my hand and saw drops of blood, I licked it off my hand, Alfie coughed. I looked at him, my tonge still on my hand.


He laughed and held my other hand. The rest of the day was filled with people talking about what happened, when I got home, I was told to stay in my room and my room alone but Alfie still came and sat with me, Jessica didn't say anything to me or look at me. I think she learnt her lesson not to flirt with my boyfriend.

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