xv. "None of my business who you kiss."

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As soon as I wake up, everything that happened last night comes back to me and I close my eyes, hoping it wouldn't be true. But I can't turn back time now.

And, not to mention, I also realized that I've fallen in love with Zayn fucking Malik. I turn my head to face his side of the bed, but it's empty. Then I check my phone. It's way past nine, which means I need to pack my shit.

I have three messages from Jake, telling me that Harry told him what happened and that he covered for me, saying that I slept over in his room last night when Zoe asked.

Zayn's not in the bathroom, which probably means that he's gone back to his room before I woke up so he could go to breakfast.

"You missed breakfast." Zoe says when she lets me in our room five minutes later.

"I know, I overslept."

"So did you take care of that thing last night?" she asks and I frown.


"Last night. When you stormed out. You said you had to take care of something?"

"Oh right. Yeah...I did." I say and turn my head away from her because I'm starting to feel guilty.

We pack our stuff in silence and after I get changed, I sit down on the bed to check my Instagram.

The door opens and Zayn walks in, without even knocking.

"Found your top." He laughs and hands Zoe a white shirt. He doesn't even look at me before he kisses her.

I look down at my phone for a second, and when I look back up again, we make eye contact. I give him a weird, confused look and he just looks away.

I feel something weird in my stomach; a mix of worry and something else I can't quite place. Oh, yes I can. Fucking anger is what it is.

"I'll take your suitcase downstairs babe." Zayn tells her, and okay, I'm out.

I take my luggage and fix the cap on my head before I leave the room.

I knock on Jake's door until he opens it.

"Are you alone?" I ask and he nods, stepping aside.

"Zayn and I had sex."

"WHAT?!" he yells, placing a dramatic hand over his heart.

"And now he's ignoring me and acting like Zoe shits gold."

Jake sits down on his bed. "What do you mean you fucked...what...how..."

I roll my eyes. "That's not important right now."

"Um...yes it fucking is?! How was it? Is his dick big? Oh my GOD!"

"He's ignoring me Jake. And I'm getting angry."

He makes a face.

"But please don't tell anyone like...I don't want Zoe to find out. Zayn's probably gonna tell her anyway."

"I don't think he's going to tell her soon though."

I shrug. "Can I punch him if he ignores me one more time?"

Jake nods. "Go ahead. But honestly, how good was the sex?"

I roll my eyes.


Our plane is delayed for one hour, which means we have to wait around by the gate and stare at the walls.

Luckily though, there's a smokers area not far away from where our gate is located, so I ask Jake to take care of my luggage while I go for a smoke.

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