❆ The Queen ❆

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"Good morning." The Raven Mountains boy, which Ivar had founded later that night at the festing hall that his name was Amdis, greeted as the Ragnarssons entered the training field.

"Good morning." Ubbe smiled back and draw out his sword.

"Did you always get up this early? Cause it's so cool you woke up and found your way to this place so fast." Hvitserk started the conversation with a sparkling eyes.

"Well, I'm not the one who got up so early. It's the queen. She's the first one who woke up then kick me down my bed." Amdis answered, chuckling.

"Wait, you said the queen?" His brother's brown eyebrows furrowed.

"Yes. Since her mother was gone, she had to get up as soon as the sun starts to rise and began her training so she could have more time studying the other things about managing the kingdom."

"And where is she now?" The boneless asked.

"Ummmm, not so sure..." The tall boy rubs his chin.

"Will she get lost?" Ubbe started pacing around, looking for the girl in the dark clothes.

"Ooh, Ragnarssons." Amdis grinned as he held up his sword.

"The queen of the Raven Mountains never get lost, she knows exactly which direction and where is she going."

"When will she came back? Lagertha won't be pleased if her guest went missing for half a day." Hvitserk raised his eyebrows.

His questions had been answered a second later when a tall slim figure approached from nowhere and swing the sword at him.

He quickly dodged and turned to fetch the sword which Amdis hurled at him.

The two figure fought furiously that the swords almost make a fire spark. Ubbe and Ivar turned to the boy from the Raven Mountains who's chuckling lowly, his blue eyes sparkled with enjoyment.

In a blink of an eye, Hvitserk's sword was hurled out of his hand by the other's sword. The girl in the dark blue shirt puts her weapon on the Ragnar's third son's neck.

"You came back so fast, my queen." Amdis said cheerfully as he walked to her side.

She rolled her eyes, throwing the sword back to him and he caught it precisely.

"My queen." Ubbe greeted.

"Call me Elin." She answered. Her voice is calm and refreshing like a brook in the summer.

Ivar likes her tone.

"You're good." She turned back and told Hvitserk who's getting up.

"Where did you go exactly?" Amdis asked.

"I didn't go anywhere, I'm just surveying this area a few metres behind you." She shook her shoulder, grabbing a bow and put an arrow onto it's string.

"Uh...how did you came so fast and we can't even hear a sound?" Ubbe furrowed his eyebrows.

"Because you're not listening closely." She simply and smoothly answered as her hand stretched, sending the arrow out to pierce through the forehead of the dead deer's head.

"I once heard that Ragnar Lothbrok had 5 sons. If I count Björn Ironside who's not here, you have only 4." Elin turned to the sons of Ragnar.

Ubbe and Hvitserk's face turned awkward, misty clouds formed in Ivar's piercing blue eyes.

"You." The queen's pale finger pointed at the first son of Aslaug and Ragnar.

"You are Ubbe."

She then moved her finger to another man.

"You might be Hvitserk."

"And you." She put her hand down and turned to Ivar, who's sitting on a log, axes rest in his lap.

"Ivar the Boneless."

He nodded, feeling an appreciation bursts out in his chest, can't help but smiled a bit.

She knows him.

"Where is Sigurd Snake-in-the-eye?" The queen asked, her blue eyes gazed around the Ragnarssons.

"There's an accident happened, so..." Hvitserk started, but interrupted by his younger brother.

"I killed him." Ivar replied with a calm and still voice.

Elin seems to be surprised, she raised her eyebrows at the boy who looks at her age, her perfect lips curled into a light smile.

"Very straight. I like you."

The boneless' cheek heat up as he bow his head down to covered up his smile.

Hvitserk would definitely make fun of him being red in front of the queen for at least one week.

Who cares?

Elin likes him.

"It's not Ivar's fault. Sigurd makes him angry." Ubbe tries to protected his little brother.

"And it's clearly none of my business. I know that you had some family issues, your father once told me." She took abother arrow and shot it at Amdis in a blink of an eye.

He turned back and grabbed it as quick as it was shot.

Wait, their father told her?

The boy turned and grinned, chuckling lowly as he throwed the arrow to the ground and drew the sword in his belt out.

"How lovely." The young queen smirked, grabbing her sword.

"You might want to take a few steps back. We are...ferocius." Amdis winked at Ivar as his brothers came and slowly took him behind their body.

A second later, a storm of sword strikes down.


Elin jumped into the air as she spin and backflip her body and landed gracefully behind her cousin.

Amdis crushed his sword hilt back as he hurled his fist out, aiming her face.

She managed to caught the hilt on his right hand, but his right one hit her straight in the face.

The young queen swayed out, soothing her cheek as she snarled and turned back to punch him back.

Her cousin gasped as she rotated her heel and raised her leg up, hitting her boot heel aginst his wrist and caused him to let go of his sword.

Elin quickly ran towards him, grabbing his shirt as she flinged himto the ground. Amdis managed to caught her hand and pull it out as he get up on his feet again, hurling his sister to the tree.

She crashed into the tree trunk, growling in pain and found her balance again.

"You got the strength." Elin commented, cart wheeling and backflipping up into the air to attacked him on his head.

Amdis snarled as she locked her lags around his neck and pull him down to the ground, crashing his back onto the field full of dry leaves.

"Thanks then." He chuckles shakily and pull his head up as he tighten his grip around her legs which are covered in the fabric pants, flinging her head against the ground.

The young queen growled between her teeth as the two got up and reached for their sword.

She's the fastest.

Halves a second later, her weapon rests onto her brother's neck.

"Really? Crashing me down to the ground? Well, it's a good plan. But I'm way more better than you." She grinned.

"I hate you." He replied with a smirk.

Yeah, that's their relationships. Cousins in the house and enemies in the training time.

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