As she walks out the room I hear her say "yes Liam." "She's fine." "Stop panicking." By the sounds of it she's already told Liam that my nightmares have returned again.

After that everything goes quiet so I decide to get a shower and then suddenly my phone buzzes and i see I've received a text from Liam. It reads "hey baby, how are you? I hope your okay. I heard about your nightmare's returning. I'm so worried about you. I really hope your okay. Ly"

He's so sweet.

I just text him back saying "no need to worry babe. I'm fine. I'm going to meet some of Mia and Jordan's new friends today, so hopefully that'll cheer me up. I'll see you soon. Ly"

He then texts me back a simple "please phone me later so I can make sure your okay baby." I smile at my phone and realise just how lucky I am to have my Liam. I just leave it at that and decide to get my shower.

Once I'm showered and dressed I decide to go to my auntys.

God I've missed them so so much.


As I begin walking up to my aunty Claire's house I start smiling like a mad woman. I haven't seen any of these since several months ago and now is the time I can see them again.

I knock on the door and little Jamie runs and answers the door. "COUSIN KATE IVE MISSED YOU!" He shouts as he wraps me into a tight hug.

"Aw I've missed you too jay!" I smile down at him.

He looks so so happy to see me. That really makes me smile.

God I love kids.

"GUYSSS GUESS WHOS HERE!!" Jamie shouts into the house.

And with that Aunty Claire,Uncle Joe and my other little cousin,Holly all come to the door at once.

Holly pushes Jamie out of the way so she can hug me.

I hug each of them and then my aunty says "We've all missed you so so much kate!"

"I've missed you guys a lot too" I smile

As we sit on the couches in the living room my uncle speaks up

"So kate, where is your lovely Nate?"he asks full of curiosity.

My Nate.

This is going to be harder than I thought.

"Uhm and Nate.. Uhm..aren't together anymore.." I say trying to hold myself together.

They all seem shocked at what I've said.

"What do to mean? You aren't together anymore!? That's ridiculous your perfect for eachother!!"My aunty exclaims.

"well I thought that too. But he was going behind my back for three months with one of my closest friends. He then left me for her. He said I wasn't good enough for him and that she was. She apparently is everything he's ever needed." I sigh and nervously look down at my hands as I'm fiddling with my thumbs trying to hold back my tears.

"How dare he!" My uncle exclaims.

"It's okay now though. I'm a lot better than I was at the start." I say.

"Are you with anyone now kate? How's your bestfriends back in New York?" My aunty asks.

Well it's better to tell her now than never.

"Well..a few of them spiked me last month.. I ended up in hospital for a few days..I almost died..but luckily I never. As I'm here now." I smiled, they all look in shock and my little cousin Holly jumps on my knee and wraps me in a huge hug.

"Kate..please please please tell me you don't hang around with the ones who spiked you still?" My aunty said full of worry and pity.

"No. God no. Of course not. I'm not that stupid! I haven't spoken to Emma,Charlie,Nick,Faith,and Mollie,since a day after that as they came to the hospital apologizing saying that they didn't mean for anything serious to happen to me, and that it was just a joke. But still I haven't spoken to them since. I only speak with Liam,Laura,Max,Sam,Joel,Cath and of course Mia. There the only ones that have always been there for me throughout everything."I smiled.

"That's good Kate. Just please. D-"I cut her off by finishing her sentence with her.

"Don't get in with the wrong crowd again." We both said at the same time as I knew what she was about to say. She smiled and I just sighed "yeah. I got it aunt Claire. Oh and btw I'm moving in with Mia for a little while. She insists."

My aunt just nods and says "your so lucky to always have Mia. She's always been good for you. Especially after your mother died."

I instantly felt a lump rise to my throat and I struggled to hold back the tears.

"I know."

My life really hasn't been the same since she passed.

I miss her so so much.


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