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Tris' POV

When the initiates come into the training room I am standing with Tobias, who has three knives in his hand. Today we will be throwing knives but first we must demonstrate. The initiates look wary as they enter today, almost as if they can sense something different. I'm excited but a little nervous. What happens if Tobias' aim is off? He could harm or kill me! No, I can't think like that. It'll be just like my initiation, I hope. Once everyone has entered we begin to explain what we're doing and some techniques. "Now we will show you a demonstration." Tobias says plainly, smirking at me. I roll my eyes and walk over to the target board. I position myself and stand still. I look Tobias straight in the eye. When the first knife hits the board I don't even flinch. The initiates gasp, making me smirk. The second knife lands just above my head. When he goes to throw the final knife, Tobias smirks at me. Oh god. The knife comes hurdling at me and cuts my ear. All I can do is roll my eyes. The initiates stand shocked. "You cut her ear!" Hermione exclaims while on the verge of tears. We both shrug. "So?" Tobias asks. She just stands there speechless. I do feel a little sorry for her but this is Dauntless, not Amity. We don't throw bread at each other, we throw knives. I walk away from the board and towards Tobias, letting the blood slowly slide down my ear. "Everyone get three knives each and find a board. Go!" I yell as they scramble off. It's kinda funny. After three minutes everyone is preparing to throw their first knife. Tobias and myself start to wander and make sure that they're doing the right technique. Surprisingly Clara is the first initiate to throw a knife, and it wasn't a bad throw either. It landed on the second ring from centre. I'm impressed. She seems happy as she goes to grab her second. River and Black Widow follow her lead and throw their knives at the same time. Clearly they have some kind of rivalry going on. They stand next to each other as they throw their knives, competing against each other to have better aim. "How do we get our knives?" Rose asks when everyone is out. I smirk as I reply. "How do you think? Just walk up and get them."

"She could die!" someone yells. I shrug. "Then she better hope that Annabeth and Steve have good aim." The transfers looked slightly shocked, but the Dauntless born are find with it. Rose nods and confidently strides out to get her knives. Annabeth, whose at her right, hesitates her throw as Rose walks out. I yell at her to keep going and she does. Rose makes it back alive. Maybe a bit shaken, but alive. The same routine goes on for a while, although at one stage I catch Ginny and Hermione arguing. As I walk over to them, their voices become clearer. "Go on Hermione, just get the damn knife."

"No I will not Ginny! It's basically suicide. I trust you but I don't know what Ron's aim is like!" Ginny rolls her eyes when I reach them. I clear my throat. "Clear to explain." I say.

"Hermione won't get her knives."

"Right. You go and keep practising Ginny." She goes, but is apprehensive about it. I then stare at Hermione. "I think it's best you get them. After all, if you don't I will get Ron to throw knives at your head. You know I'm not kidding." My voice is deadly low but does the trick. Hermione pales as she realises her defeat and turns. I watch her scurry out, collect her knives and run back. I almost laugh. I shake my head as I turn away. After that issue I observe the initiates. Nothing terribly exciting. When I'm praising Annabeth for her progress I see Tobias out of the corner of my eye. He's talking to River, who is obviously flirting with him. My cheeks turn red. I quickly turn jealous. I shouldn't be and I know that. But it annoys me. Maybe it's because she's hot and flirty. Anyone can see that. I feel like hitting something though when she smiles at his comment or lightly touches his shoulder while laughing. She needs to back off. Tobias is my man. I try to shake it off but it doesn't really work or help. I shouldn't be worried about Tobias. It doesn't matter.

At the end of the session I'm still a bit, say, mad with River. Tobias notices and comes over to me once the initiates leave. "What's wrong Tris?" he asks slowly, placing a hand on my cheek. "River was flirting with you. Does that bother you at all?" my voice was quieter than I intended. Tobias sighs anyway. "Tris, of course it did. If I could've I would have kissed you right there to show her I'm not interested. I couldn't because.....well you know. But just know that I shook her off. Okay?" I nod and sigh, burying my head into his chest. "I'm sorry, I'm just tired. Stressed." Tobias nods and kisses my forehead. "Come on, dinner then bed. Big day tomorrow." I nod and sleepily follow him. Tomorrow is a late night and fun. Tomorrow we play capture the flag.

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