Max's Office

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"Yes it is."


"Because she's fighting better."

I smirked under my mask.


* At Lunch *

"Leaders Four, (Y/N), Eric, please leave your table. Initiates, Tris, Christina, Peter, Will please leave the tables also. Max wants you." A guard called from above.

I pushed myself off of the wall that I was leaning against, and followed Four out the doors. Four was leading all of us to Max's office.

"What did you do now Tris?" Christina asked.

"Nothing." Tris said, confused.

Why is he calling us?

"Four, why is he calling us?" Tris asked Four.

Four shrugged at the question, still heading for his office. When we got there, Four just walked in, not knocking.

"Nice to see you are all here."

"Not good to be here.": Eric greeted back, "What do you want?"

"We've been noticing some Factionless groups in the Dauntless Woods. We've been seeing a lot more recently, but with guns. Jean wants us to check it out. Make sure it's not a whole lot of Factionless that could start a war."

"Why did you want the Initiates to come, though?"

"We've been noticing their scores. They may become the future Leaders. We need them prepared, of course."

"When do we leave?" Four asked him.

"Morning. All of you have permission to be released from your duties, just today. Someone else will take care of the rest. Now go and pack up. You'll be staying the whole day tomorrow."

With that, he dismissed us.

"Good, a whole day off." Christina said behind me.

"What are you guys going to be doing as great Leaders?" She asked us.

"None of your concern." Eric answered for all of us.

She made a smart comment, but I just ignored her. Silently, I walked to my room with Four beside me and Eric behind us.

* Next Morning *

* Six A.M ** BEEP~! BEEP~! *

I slammed my fist on top of the red button that read 'Snooze'. I groaned, climbing out of bed. I sighed, walking over to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and walked back out. I gathered a black loose shirt, that was really loose, black sports bra, black skinny jeans, white socks, and my black underwear.

I walked back into the white tiled space, neatly, placing the clothing onto the white counter. I stripped from my sleeping clothes, and got into the warm shower.

* 15 Minutes Later ** 6:16 A.M. *

I got out of the shower, patting my body dry, still trying to wake up from sleep. After I finished that, I put on the clothes that I had brought before. I combed out my hair and decided to put it in a side braid. Then, I brushed my teeth, sleepily. God, I hate waking up at six. I'm okay with seven, but God, not six.

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