Morning Nightmare

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"Or did you change, because someone made you fear of being yourself, again, (Y/N)?"

"No.. I changed for me and for the best."

Four continued his walk instead of standing beside me, "You changed because of fear."

"Remember your old saying, Four? Fear doesn't shut you down; fear wakes you up. I woke up and this.. this is the outcome." I whispered as he walked farther away from me.

"You say that now, but remember, the old you is always going to be welcomed here. Even if no one enjoys it, Eric sure will." He promised me, turning into his door.

He pressed in a code, opened it up, walking in. I looked down at the ground. The only sound was his door shutting. I just stood there, actually feeling something come down my face. Carefully, I brought my hand up to my open cheek. I felt the touch of water. Tears. Quickly, I wiped them off when I heard the elevator doors opening.

I continued to walk, like I had never stopped.

"He's right, (Y/N)." Someone whispered behind me.

I turned around to see nothing. I turned back around to see Eric's back in front of me. Quickly, I covered my face with the mask. He turned to the left side of the hallway, right beside my door. He typed in his code, unlocking the door.

"I hate you." I whispered.

"Don't worry. You aren't the only one." He said, clearer than my voice.

He walked into the room, the door shutting behind him. I stomped to my door. Harshly, I pressed the code into my pad, walking in. I stomped all the way to my room. Fuck! I hate him! I hate him! He's such a fucking fucker!

* Next Morning *

* 7 A.M. *

I shot up from my wet bed. My heart pounded from my chest as the memories of the dream flooded my mind. I held my loose hair in my hands, swirling my fingers around it to pull at it. I growled at myself, slowly letting go of my hair.

"I hate you.. so much." I whispered the indirect message.

I wiped my nose with my sleeve, pushing the covers away from me. Shakily, I walked over to my closet. To help balance, I grabbed the door frame of it. Heh, feels like the first time the hospital let me walk. I grabbed a black, tight fitting shirt, a black sweatshirt. I threw the clothing onto the bed, then walked over to my drawer.

I pulled out my black socks and a pair of black shorts. Not bothering to take a shower, I pulled my hair up in a half ponytail. Finally, I changed into the clothing. I pulled the socks onto my feet, then scooted back over to my closet. I put on my black combat boots. When I was finished with all of that, I put on my white mask.

Walking out of all the doors, I walked over to the elevator.

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