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Michael let out a sigh as he looked at himself in the mirror. He observed his long sleeved shirt, brushing his hands over his outfit several times before walking out of the room.

Today's the meeting with Frank

Let me paint the picture for you. You see, Michael was a werewolf, and a majestic one at that. Often, he would turn into a large, beautiful animal whenever it was evening. He had been this way for hundreds of years - yes, he was immortal.

And he had had many lovers in the past. He had dated more women that one could count with both hands - but none of them compared to her.

Melissa. His soulmate.

The only woman that could calm him down whenever he was upset, and the only woman that could control him at any given time. Every word that left her mouth was gospel to Michael.

And the love they shared was more intense, and more passionate than one could comprehend. Lovemaking for them was both release, and sweet agony. Moments together were more precious than any diamond on the face of the earth.

Melissa, to everyone else - was just a normal human being - but to Michael, she was everything. She was his strength, as well as his weakness. Naturally, it was quite strange to think that a human being and a werewolf could be involved - but that's what Michael and Melissa's love proved wrong.

In true love, nothing mattered but the two hearts involved.

Of course, none of Michael's friends knew what he was - only Melissa. You see, he could only be himself around her - no one else. She was his intoxication, and he was her passion.

"Another day," Michael mumbled to himself as he walked out of the bedroom, shutting the door behind him. It was morning, and time for rehearsals for him, and he was already yearning for evening to arrive - as that was the only free time he had, and of course - he was going to spend every free moment of his time with Melissa.


"Goddamn it!" Michael growled as he stood up, running his fingers through his hair.

He was currently in the living room of the Neverland mansion, discussing business with his manager - Frank. Now, Frank had mentioned to Michael that money was being stolen from him - and of course, the man was furious.

Too many people had betrayed Michael in his lifetime, and he was fed up of it. He needed more of trustworthiness in his life. The amount of betrayal in his life was toxic.

"Michael," Frank stood up in an attempt to calm him down. "Do you-"

"Yes," Michael cut him off. "Call Melissa," he instructed Frank. "Now!"

Frank nodded and ran to the telephone as Michael paced up and down the room. Melissa's number was dialed, and in no time - she had answered.

"Hello?" her voice was melodious.

"Mel, this is Frank," Frank spoke. "I need you to come down to the mansion now, Michael's upset,"

"What happened?"  she raised her voice, clearly worried about the man she loved.

"Just...come down here now. He needs you,"


About half an hour had passed before Melissa arrived at Neverland, and as soon as Michael laid eyes on her - his entire form had relaxed. Frank was sitting on the other side of the sofa as Melissa walked up to Michael.

"Hey," she ran her fingers through his hair before he stood up. "What happened?"

"Frank, that'll be all for now," Michael instructed his manager. Frank nodded and stood up, bidding his goodbye before disappearing. Michael then brought his eyes to look at the woman he loved.

"Do you want to go out for a walk?" she smiled a little, getting lost in his deep eyes.

"Yes," he smirked a bit. "But we'll do that after," he pulled her close. "Because right now, I have something else in mind,"

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