Volume 3 Chapter 25

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Volume 3 Chapter 25

“That’s enough!!” [Sebasu]

As blood spurted into the air, the butler whose uniform had been dirtied from the clouds of dust, called the fight.

“Looks like… I lost…” [Shiva]
“…Ah? Wasn’t it my? –Ow…” [Ryouma]

The two fighters whispered that as they grimaced in pain.

Wounded and bleeding, the two were only enduring.

The armor covering Shiva’s left shoulder was cut, bleeding. His neck’s scruff, pierced by the tip of Ryouma’s blade. On the other side, Ryouma’s shoulder was pierced from above by the blade of the halberd with a shortened handle that Shiva was using. And his abdomen was suffering from a large wound incurred from the ‘Wind Cutter’ spell that Shiva fired off.

The ‘Wind Cutter’ spell is an elementary wind magic, and is often considered to be the first step in one’s study of the element. Because of this its consumption of magic power is low, and its power is also proportionally weak. But in Shiva’s case, he trained this elementary spell, and although he can’t fire it consecutively, he became able to cast it chantlessly while possessing great power. On top of that, he could shoot it from a number of angles, turning it into a quick and powerful shot.

Although simple, the ‘Wind Cutter’ spell is effective in any situation. Combine that with Shiva’s ability and experience, it’s a frightening weapon. All the more so for humans that don’t have a natural armor like carapace, scale, or flesh like some magical beasts.

It was by that magic that Ryouma was hit in his armor’s seam. The attack didn’t cause an instant death, but if left alone, Ryouma could bleed to death. In fact, if it weren’t for Ryouma’s physical pain resistance skill Lv 8, he’d be writhing in pain at this very moment.

“I thought I had stopped him with my spear, but to think he would actually retaliate like that…” [Shiva]

Their attacks came mostly at the same time, but Ryouma’s was slightly faster. And the moment Ryouma’s attack sliced Shiva’s armor apart, wounding him. Shiva’s halberd pierced Ryouma’s right shoulder that was thrusted towards him from the last attack, and in the next instance, he fired off his ‘Wind Cutter’.

Shiva thought Ryouma’s sword had finally come to a halt there, but then Ryouma pulled out his sword from Shiva’s shoulder and armor. Because he was unable to move his right hand because of the halberd, he let go of his sword. And as a last resort, he focused his ki into his left arm, and thrusted into the scruff of Shiva’s neck.

Then Sebasu who was acting as the referee said,

“If Ryouma-sama had fully swung his sword, then that attack would have definitely lopped Shiva-sama’s head off. At the same time, Ryouma-sama would have also suffered a life-threatening wound. So as the referee, I decided to put a stop to the match here. Now please sheathe your weapons, and quickly get yourselves healed. Especially you, Ryouma-sama.” [Sebasu]

At Sebasu’s calm declaration, the two warriors sheathed their weapons. Immediately after, Shiva fell to the ground into a sitting position, while Ryouma fell down. And as Sebasu-san held Ryouma up, and gently made him lie down on the ground, more blood flowed out of Ryouma’s wounds.

“Remiri-Sama!” [Sebasu]
“Yeah, yeah, I’m healing him! ‘Mega Heal’! Sheesh, what kind of match was that supposed to be anyway?” [Remiri]
“One mistake, and either of you could’ve died.” [Rheinbach]
“My apologies, as a referee–” [Sebasu]

Sebasu tried to apologize, but Rheinbach stopped him.

Although Sebasu-san was the referee, and although he should ‘ve stopped the match earlier. The battle was just too fierce right from the start, and he couldn’t enter the fray. Nevertheless, he did his best as the referee, went as close as he could, and tried to see the fierce fighting to the end while not getting in the two fighters’ way. His dirtied clothes were proof of that.

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