Volume 3 Chapter 23

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Volume 3 Chapter 23

I continued to walk through the mountain road while looking at the dreary surroundings. I’m already sick from looking at this scenery, but then I saw the gates of the Town of Teressa.

Today I’m going to spend the night in this town, and then tomorrow I will be heading for the labyrinth. But what should I do for the inn? I have to make the meals by myself, but since I have my ‘Dimension Home’, it might be better to just stay there rather than to spend the night at a cheap inn. Well, let’s take a look at the town first, shall we?

Well the town doesn’t seem bad at all, so depending on the state of the inn, it might be better to spend the night there instead. But it’s almost afternoon, so I should probably go ahead and have lunch first.

After walking around the town for a while, I saw an inn with a stable in which a carriage was parked.

“Mn? This is…” [Ryouma]

The inn looked to be a bit too luxurious, so I was going to just walk pass it, but… Where did I see this carriage before? Hmm… Did I make a mistake?

At the side of the carriage was a familiar coat-of-arms… When I thought about it, I remembered. It’s the same carriage that I rode on last year from the Forest of Gana to the town of Gimuru.

Why is it here!?

As I was thinking that, I noticed someone sneaking in from behind. I turned toward her. When I did, I saw a brown-skinned beauty with silver hair extending until her shoulders, wearing glasses. The distance between us was no more than 3m.

She got so close, and yet I wasn’t able to notice her at all… If she had a spear with her, I could have been hit… I need to be more careful.

“Oh my, looks like I’ve been caught. Your instincts are pretty good, huh?” [Girl]
“Who are you?” [Ryouma]

Because she went near me while hiding her presence, my guard was up, and was a little impolite.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did I frighten you by any chance? I just wanted to startle you a bit. It’s because you were staring at that carriage so intently, so I was wondering to myself what you were doing, and then I suddenly thought of playing a prank.” [Girl]

True, she certainly doesn’t seem to have any ill will…

Suddenly a man’s voice called out from behind the girl.

“Remiri-sama, so you were here? It’s almost time for lunch, so… Oh? Could you possibly be… Ryouma-sama?” [Man]

This voice…

When I looked toward the direction of that familiar voice, what greeted me was that silver-haired man dressed in a butler’s uniform.

“Sebasu-san!” [Ryouma]
“Eh? Sebasu-chan, is he someone you know?” [Remiri]

The person there was none other than the head butler of the duke’s household, the person who taught me dimension magic, Sebasu-san. From the looks of things this girl is Sebasu-san’s acquaintance. So I guess it’s safe for now, right?

“Remiri-sama, he is our friend. However, I didn’t expect that we’d actually meet at a aplace like this.” [Sebasu]
“Friend? By ‘our’, you don’t just mean yours, but also Rheinbach-chan’s as well, right? [Remiri]

Just who is this girl? Even though she looks to be only 20 years old, or at the very least at the latter half of her 10s, and yet she actually affixes ‘chan’ to Sebasu-san and Rheinbach-sama’s names? I have no idea who she is, but now that I look at her again, she is certainly quite the beauty.

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