Volume 3 Chapter 22

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Volume 3 Chapter 22

Half a year later… (A year since parting with the duke’s family.)

Half a year has passed since subjugating the elder treant. Since then the seasons have changed, and now, the weather has gotten warm.

During this time, Gimuru has greatly changed, and has become more bustling than ever. This change was brought about by the opening of the previously mentioned new town and arena. As a result, workers coming in from other cities have increased, and the various different guilds have been buzzing with work.

But such things mattered little to me, and instead I’ve been focusing on raising my rank and furthering my training.

“…Looks like another job done.” [Ryouma]

I’m currently a month’s distance away from Gimuru in Mt. Surure, exterminating the nest of a magical beast known as karifu monkey. The karifu monkey has an inclination to mob and run away to trees when attacked, making it a troublesome opponent.

But with this, my training has finally reached a place where I only need to put in a little more effort before I can finally rest. As a part of that, I’ve been promoted to D Rank, and after this request, I’ll be a C Rank.

I stored the corpses of the karifu monkeys into my ‘Dimension Home’. Then I cut off their right ears as trophy to serve as proof of the job’s success. As for the rest of the corpses, I fed it to my slimes.

The slimes feasted on the karifu monkeys, and when the bloody slimes wanted to split, I let them, and then I contracted them. I’ve been hunting a lot lately, so the bloody slimes now number four.

After that, I rested for a bit, and then I descended the mountain. There’s a cliff until the foot of the mountain, but it’d take too long to use a different route. So I climbed straight down the cliff instead.

“ ‘Rock Climbing’ “ [Ryouma]

I activated my original earth magic, ‘Rock Climbing’.

Thanks to this past year of training my ‘Magic Manipulation’, I’m now able to wrap my limbs in magic power to use ‘Create Block’ to create footholds for my limbs, allowing me to climb up and down cliffs such as these.

This technique of wrapping one’s limbs in magic power to use techniques is known as magic battle technique. This battle technique was originally used with offensive magic, but it’s now an obsolete ability.

Magic battle technique requires a high level of ‘Magic Manipulation’ to use. Moreover, with the invention of the magic weapons that allows its wielders to demonstrate a similar effect to that of battle techniques without any training, the people practicing the technique greatly fell. And eventually, people forgot about it.

But it’s not just that though, as there’s also the danger in using it that caused it to become obsolete. Magic battle technique is an extremely delicate skill. Every practitioner must take care not to lose his focus. Otherwise, if a hole is perforated through the film of magic power due to lack of concentration, then the practitioner will get hurt. If his limbs are clad in fire magic, then he’ll find himself burned. If electricity, then he’ll get electrocuted.

I thought up this skill when I remembered a light novel from my previous life. I tried that out during practice, and I was able to somehow form a shape. After practicing for a while, I managed to resurrect a forgotten technique.

Eventually I’d love to be able to pull this off alongside Qigong, but for now it’s impossible. It’s certainly difficult to fire off magic while controlling ki, but it’s definitely not impossible. So for now, I’ll make it my goal to be able to cast magic while using qigong.

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