Volume 3 Chapter 20

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Volume 3 Chapter 20
As we swung against the elder treants’ attacking roots, we closed in on it.

The elder treant was swarthy with a girth of over 10 meters wide, and a height of over 20 meters. Bulges and crevices could be seen here and there on its trunk, exuding an eerie aura. The face attached on its trunk, near its roots, was bigger than the others, being twice the size of an adult’s height.

“Ryouma, Raypin, stay away from the range of the branches, and support from the outside! Syria, protect Ryouma and Raypin!” [Asagi]

I killed the slow treants one after another by casting pavement on the ground, and throwing iron slime axes against them, while Raypin-san supported with his magic and Syria-san protected us from the oncoming roots.

The elder treant took on heavy damage from Asagi’s group’s continuous attacks, but it was unexpectedly tough.

On top of the elder treant’s size, the elder treant was able to use the wood magic, ‘Grow’, making it annoyingly tough. That magic normally shouldn’t have a healing effect, but because the elder treant was a plant-type magical beast, the elder treant was able to restore its body by growing its own body. The speed of that healing was apparently also faster compared to other elder treants. The advantage is currently in our favor, but we can’t let our guard down.

We continued fighting like that for some time until the elder treant suddenly let out an incomprehensible scream.

“OoOOOO!” [Elder Treant]

Then suddenly, the elder treant did something unexpected. And out of the elder treant’s mouth appeared a dark sphere, which shot towards Wereanna-san.

“Tch! Now what!?” [Wereanna]

Wereanna-san managed to dodge, but because of the pursuing branches, she had no choice but to stop attacking the elder treant.

Just now, wasn’t that the dark magic, ‘Dark Ball’?

The elder treant may have stopped Wereanna-san with ‘Dark Ball’, but Miya-san is still… But just as I was thinking that, the elder treant suddenly spit out some sort of dark mist, forcing Miya-san to take a step back. Unfortunately, the hand that was holding her axe touched the mist, and in the blink of an eye, the axe became rusted.

“Nyaa!?” [Miya]
“That last one was dark ball! This elder treant can apparently use dark mage, de aru! And that effect… that’s most likely also dark magic!” [Raypin]

…Hey, hey, no one said anything about this.

“There’re too many unexpected things. Let’s retreat first, and think up a plan, de gozaru!” [Asagi]

At Asagi’s call, we all took a step back, and retreated.

We took a break in a place outside the treant’s attack range, and discussed.

“Miya, how’s your arm?” [Asagi]
“Nothing’s wrong with my arm, but this thing’s no good anymore, nyaa.” [Miya]

As Miya said that, she showed everyone her axe. Her axe was completely rusted, and the edge of its blade could be seen crumbling.

“It turned into this after being touched by that black mist, nyaa.” [Miya]
“That’s rather severe.” [Asagi]
“We won’t be able to fight if our weapon is rusted.” [Mizelia]
“Raypin, can’t you think of something?” [Wereanna]
“I’ve also never heard of an elder treant that could use magic other than wood magic, de aru. And neither have I heard of dark magic that could cause weapons to rust. As for dealing with dark magic, we could strike it with healing white magic as white magic has an exorcising effect against dark magic, but unfortunately it’s not possible to do that continuously during battle, de aru.” [Raypin]

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