Volume 3 Chapter 18

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Volume 3 Chapter 18

We spent five days in the carriage.

During that time, I took care of the cooking duties and learned how to handle horses from Mizelia-san and Miya-san.

I was tasked with the cooking because my cooking was the best in the group.

In exchange, the other jobs were mostly taken care of by the others. For example, although we were attacked a lot by the goblins, I didn’t have to go out and fight as Raypin-san would swiftly take care of them each and every time.

Consequently, I ended up with plenty of time in my hands. I’ve heard that horseback riding is quite useful, so I asked Miya-san and Mizelia-san if they could teach me, and they happily complied.

The thing though is that I didn’t know how to ride horses back in my previous life either, so even until now, I’m still learning how to ride them.

“You’ve already got the basics down. All that’s left is for you to practice and get used to it.” [Mizelia]
“Thank you. Mizelia-san.” [Ryouma]

Mizelia-san may have given me her approval, but I haven’t really gotten the basics down just yet. If I don’t practice, I’ll probably forget it immediately, so… should I buy a carriage? But there’s not really a lot of opportunities to use it, so it’s kind of a waste. It’s not just buying a carriage either too as I’ll need to buy a horse. Eh, I’ll just think about it later.

4 hours passed and we finally closed in to the village that’s closest to the forest. 20 more minutes passed, and the village gates entered our sight.

From hereon it’s going to get crowded with people so I switched with Mizelia-san, and then gazed at the village. This village is a lot quieter compared to Gimuru, but it’s bustling too in its own way.

Along the way I noticed that the houses here were are all made out of wood. I guess their forests must be thriving.

Caught up in my thoughts, before I knew it, we were already at the lodging’s entrance. There were 3 men and 4 women in our group, so we took 2 rooms, and then we made way for the adventurer’s guild. There, we gathered information about the places that the treants frequented. Afterwards, we prepared for tomorrow.


“Is everyone ready, de gozaru?” [Asagi]

At Asagi-san’s question we all nodded, and then we entered the forest.

Leading in front was Miya-san and Mizelia-san, followed by Syria-san and Wereanna-san, and then by Raypin-san, and finally Asagi-san.

The forest is dimly lit and dense. If it were only that then it wouldn’t be different form the Forest of Gana, but for some reason, the atmosphere in the forest was suffocating.

“Oh? We’ve already found one. Miya, look. 20 meters ahead of us, there’s a tree that’s somewhat thicker than the others, de aru.” [Raypin]
“Is that it, nyaa?” [Miya]
“That’s right.” [Raypin]

At Raypin-san’s words, Miya-san pointed towards the tree. The tree was a needle-leaved tree with a diameter of 30cm to 40cm. Its height was around 4 meters high. It looked almost exactly the same as the trees around it. It was slightly bigger than the others, but that’s not really something that you’d notice at a glance.

After Raypin-san confirmed that the tree was a treant, and after we were sure that there were no other treants around it, Miya-san and Mizelia-san headed towards it with a one-handed axe in hand.

When Miya-san and Mizelia-san neared the tree, its branches suddenly curved. And like a whip it lashed with its branches from above towards the two. The two dodged it, but the treant’s branches could curve surprisingly well as it attempted to wrap around Mizelia-san.

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