Volume 3 Chapter 10

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Volume 3 Chapter 10

The next day.

“Be careful!” [Miyabi]

Miyabi sent me off, and I headed towards the north gate. I leisurely walked, taking my time to enjoy the scenery of the lively town, but as soon as I got close to the gate, I braced myself.

They’re restricting access, so people aren’t being allowed to pass through the gate. But there won’t be any problems so long as one is able to provide proof of being an E Rank adventurer. From here I should go to a place with plenty of plants that’s near the smash boar’s last known sightings, and begin gathering herbs there.

I have a bow and knife equipped. I’ve also prepared a spear in my ‘Item Box’, but I’m not planning to use it. Spears and large swords are supposedly effective against smash boars, but I’m fighting it under the pretense of having accidentally stumbled onto it, right? Then in order to keep up that pretense, I can’t be using a weapon tailored for fighting against it now, can I? Otherwise, I’ll get suspicious.

And so I went on my way to gather herbs… however, I can’t seem to find the smash boar at all.

I know that just because it’s a magical beast whose whereabouts are generally easy to find, doesn’t mean that it’s going to stay in places where there are plenty of herbs all the time, still… this has to be first time I’ve had to deal with a prey that’s so hard to find. I’ve even used search magic, but I can’t find it at all. Or rather, even the other magical beasts are missing. It’s exactly just as Miyabi-san had mentioned, there’re almost no magical beasts around here.

After that I went to gather some more herbs in other areas while I continued to look for the smash boar. After some time I finally managed to gather enough. The deadline for this request is still the day after tomorrow, so it’s not like there’s really any need to finish it today. But, well… apparently because of the rank restriction on the northern gate, the supply of these herbs has been dwindling, and because it’s not easy to get these kind of herbs anymore, apparently they’ll be purchasing all the herbs I can get. I figured that since there wasn’t any harm in getting more herbs I could go get more , but right as I thought that, I heard a small voice.

“––– Uwaaah.” [Someone]

A person’s voice? It’s a bit far though? Or am I just imagining things?

“––––––– Help me –––“ [Someone]

… There it goes again! It’s not just my imagination, someone’s asking for help!

I grabbed my bow, heightened my senses as I minimized my own presence, and headed towards the direction of the voice. There I saw two adventurers being chased by the smash boar.

But… rather than a boar, isn’t this a pig? It does have some fangs, but they’re quite small, and it’s not even sharp either. The only thing this pig has going for it is that it’s a little bigger than I thought. Hmm, I guess it’s about the size of a cow.

Wait a moment… this isn’t the time to be thinking about this!

Carefully timing my shot, I nocked my arrow and let one fly between the trees. The arrow flew sharply, slipping through the woods, smashing the thinner trees, and as the smash boar passed by, the arrow pierced its right eye. Immediately, the smash boar went into a rampage as its death throes resounded throughout the area.

Noticing the smash boar’s behavior, the two adventurers stopped moving and looked back.

What are these two doing!?

“Don’t stop! Keep on running!” [Ryouma]

When the two heard me, they looked my way and were flustered. I tried calling out to them again, but it was no good. And the smash boar, after getting back up to its feet, already had its gaze locked onto my direction.

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