Words on Fire

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Author: evelynwhitej007

Genre: Poetry 

I find the cover to be attention-grasping and it nicely depicts a poetry book. The flames on the cover blend perfectly with the title, and your blurb clearly explains the meaning of the title and the purpose of your poems. 

You use many different vocabulary words and they all compliment each other. Your poems flow very nicely and the lines run into each other very beautifully. It seems that the poems are written based on how you are feeling, and the writing appears to be very personal. 
I did notice some misused words, however. For example, in the poem "The Eyes of Eternity," you used the phrase "I'm feared" several times. You then proceeded to explain what you are afraid of. The term "I'm feared" means that other people/things are afraid of you, not you afraid of them. In order for your poem to express what you have in mind, you may want to change the line from "I'm feared" to "I'm scared" or "I'm afraid."

I haven't seen any areas where literary devices particularly stand out. I have noticed some sections in which you use similes, but perhaps you may want to experiment with devices such as alliteration, rhyme, and personification. Your poems are mostly written in free verse, which works very nicely, but it's always fun to try new ways of writing! Maybe you'll find something that you enjoy even more :)

I love how each of the poems are so unique and individual, yet they still express similar themes. Your writing successfully pulls an emotional reaction from your readers, and your poems are relatable to everybody in different ways. Your feelings are very clearly expressed through your poetry, and the language is very powerful!

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