Peaced the Fuck Out

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Fuck it

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Fuck it.

I mean, seriously. What more can I do? I tried to come clean, tried to do the right thing, and what did it get me? Total bullshit. Diana's all pissed at me. Won't even talk to me. She's just ripping shit off that stupid Christmas tree. Like anyone really gives a shit about Christmas.

Meanwhile, the news is still all fixated on the dead siphons at Alexis Brinker's house. The siphon news people are totally flipping their shit over it. Like, no clue how so many people got their throats ripped out.

And I'm, like, welcome to da future, bitches! I wish I'd been out tearing throats myself.
Fuck this pacifist bullshit. I want to fucking gauge.

Instead I'm sitting here getting the silent treatment. All I wanted was for Sarah to be part of the family, and now everyone's acting like she doesn't even exist. Totally throwing shade. I just want to get the fuck outta here, but of course we're stuck in the Hacienda because of Burn Time. So now we sit and wait, but I'm bored AF and I can't sleep. I don't even have Vince here to entertain me.  Stupid Vince. Where is he? I grab my phone and send him a text:

Wr r u buttmunch?

Of all the nights for him to be ghosting us. Vince would help me calm everyone the fuck down, I know he would. He's good about that kind of thing, not all high-strung like these losers, who are about to drive me insane with all the bullshit drama.

To make shit worse, Sarah's all freaking out. Sitting on the bed, hunched over, holding her head.

"They don't want me," she's saying. "They hate me. I shouldn't have done this. I shouldn't have forced you to bring me over here. You're right, it was a bad idea. They're all going to hate me."

"Nobody hates you," I snap distractedly, pacing in front of the mirror even though I can't see myself.

"Do you think I made a good choice?" she asks, and I'm, like, how do I answer that? I don't even know what question she's asking. Did she make a good choice about what? Coming over here, or letting me turn her into a vampire?

"Of course you made the right choice," I say, because if I'm going to be stuck in this house for the next twelve hours, I may as well be with someone who isn't freaking out on me. Plus it's Burn Time and I'm finally starting to feel sleepy; I really don't want to have to stay up soothing Sarah's sensitive feelings, so I smile as I turn away from the mirror and plop down on the bed. Sarah looks at me expectantly, like a puppy, so I pet her arm and I say, "You made the right decision, and it's going to be okay. Everything's going to be okay. Diana's dramatic, that's all. It's, like, her thing. She doesn't mean anything bad, really, she just doesn't process stress well. You'll get used to it."

"As long as you're not having second thoughts ..."

Sarah sniffles and I realize she's crying. Oh god! I have no idea what to do with crying, so I put my hands on her and stroke her hair awkwardly, hoping she'll stop soon.

God I'm such a guy sometimes.

"No second thoughts," I say, and I stop petting her hair long enough to take her face between my hands and give her a deep, long kiss. Sarah closes her eyes, but I keep mine open, staring at the mirror. Isn't it funny how you'd have no idea two hot chicks were making out on the bed. All I can see is a comforter with a dip in it. Totally nondescript.

Being a vampire is so fucking weird sometimes.


We're finishing our kiss when Lisa comes trudging in without asking permission. Typically I'd chide her about this—I'm not big on having my room invaded by patchouli-smelling mountain women—but Lisa looks uncharacteristically moody, and I decide it would be dumb to start shit, especially since I'm, like, the bad guy right now. Persona non grata.

"What's up?" I ask, putting on my non-bitchface.

"I think I'm going to need y'all's help," she replies.

"For what?"

"We've gotta figure out this Grail situation. I don't think Diana's in a place where she can handle it right now, but it probably shouldn't be floating around out there. We really don't need a bunch of random vampires getting created."

"I don't know how we can help," I say as I peel off my sweaty, sticky clothes and pull back the covers for some nakie sleeping.

"Well, we need to find Santos."

"Why Santos?"

"Because you gave him the cup."

"Yeah, but Santos doesn't seem ... ambitious enough."

"He's the only one who makes sense. Who else would have done it? And who's been missing. Who's missing right now?"

"Chester's missing."

"Yeah, but I saw him tonight and he insists he didn't do it. He doesn't seem like he did it. I don't know, maybe I just don't want to believe he did it."

"I bet he did," I say. I could totally see that weirdo taking the cup and turning the whole world into vampires—just so he could tell them he was a vampire first. "And Santos seems so ... I don't know, uninterested?"

"It does seem out of character," Lisa agrees."But I at least want to find him and talk to him about it."

"Okay, I guess we can help with that," I say. Anything to get me out of the house for a while! "We'll go with you once the sun goes down."

"I really appreciate it." Lisa glances at the door. She seems uncomfortable with my sudden nakedness. "We gotta figure out what's going on before things get completely fucked."

"I agree," I purr, but I'm not really paying attention anymore. Sarah joins me on the bed and snuggles into me and she's so soft, so nice, and I'm so tired. My eyes are slipping shut as Lisa makes her exit.

"Later," she says.

I don't respond, and I don't see her leave the room. I'm dozing off, waking only briefly when my phone buzzes with a text from Vince:

They have churches for vampires!

Random. I don't know if he's fucking around or if I'm already dreaming, and I honestly don't have the energy to figure out which it is, because this tired girl is 

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