Tour Around New York

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                 KC's  P.O.V

The doorbell rang so I have to get it. I opened the door. It was Chris and Darren.

“Hi. What are you doing here?" I asked. “We are supposed to have a tour around New York today. By the way I'm Darren Criss. You are KC. Right?"Darren said.“Yes I know. Are you looking for Catherine?" I said.

“Yes, where is she?"Chris said.“She's on that room," I pointed. Chris and Darren went inside the room and went to Catherine's room.

“She is still sleeping," Chris whispered. “I need to go. I have important things to do," I whispered. “See you later. We'll take good care of her,"Darren whispered.

I went out outside the apartment.

        Catherine's P.O.V

I felt a hand on my foot. I stand up and screamed.“What are you doing here?!" I asked in a screaming way.“I thought we're going to have a tour,"Chris said sadly.

“Sorry," I apologized. “That's okay. By the way your cousin left us in charge to take care of you," Darren said. I widened my eyes. “What?!" I screamed.

I called my cousin right away.

Me: Where are you?!

KC: I have to do something important. Bye.

What am I supposed to do? “Hey,"Chris said.“Wait I'll just get something," I said. I ran and I slipped,Chris caught me.“Are you okay?"Chris asked. “Yes," I lied. I removed his hands and ran. I went to the bathroom and screamed.

“What should I do?!" I screamed. I went out.“Is everything okay?" Darren asked.“Yeah," I lied. I smell something yummy on the kitchen. Chris is cooking pancakes.

“Why are you doing that?" I asked.“Since I think you don't want to go out and have a tour, I'll just cook you breakfast,"Chris replied.“Sorry. I guess we'll stay here," I said.

“What is this video?" Darren asked.“No!" I shouted. Darren is still watching the video.“Is this you and your cousin?" Darren asked.“Yeah it's us," I said. When Darren was watching, I couldn't stop laughing. “This your crazy side. Huh?"Darren said.

“Yes," I replied.“Breakfast is ready," Chris said. “It's great," I complimented.

“Chris take a look at this," Darren said. Chris joined Darren in watching the video. “Is that you?" Chris asked.“Yeah," I said. Chris and Darren laughed out loud.

I continued eating. Chris and Darren joined me in the table. “What do you want to talk about?" Darren asked.“Nothing," I replied.“What's wrong?" Chris asked.“I'm very upset coz I didn't stick up to the plan for today," I replied sincerely.

“Don't be upset," Chris said.“Maybe I'll just watch," I said. I get of the table and watch. Chris washed the dishes and joined me.“Why are you sad?"Chris asked.“I'm not sad,I'm bored," I said.

“What do you want to do?" Chris asked.“Sing," I replied happily. “You know how?" Chris asked.“Yeah," I said. “What did I missed?" Darren surprised.“She knows how to sing,"Chris said.

“That's amazing. Why didn't you tell me?"Darren said.“Who will start?" Chris asked.“I guess I'll start," I said.“Let's take a video of it,"Darren said.“Great,"Chris said.

I started singing.

I was left to my own devices

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