He promised!

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We returned back to the hotel, without Lora and Connor.

Jonny was pissed, drinking too much beer, while Mavis and I had to carry him home. To my surprise, we were expected in the lobby...by Drac's friends. His father was also with them, waving towards us, "Over here ladies!"

"Hey Grandpa, did we miss anything while we were gone?"

"You didn't miss anything dear..." he said, till he pointed at me, "...but you certainly did."


He wrapped one arm around me, pushing me towards the elevator, "I think you have to tell someone that you are back." The way he said it wasn't a good sign and lifting his eyebrows constantly didn't help either, like he was trying to flirt with me. Drac's friends were also acting weird, smiling deviously. Mavis noticed it as well, asking for an explanation.

Before Vlad could push me further away, I stopped.

"Hey Mavis, should I get Jonny upstairs?" Since we are going up, I could do just that. She finds it a great idea, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. In the meantime, Jonny was already in a state of sleeping, snoring loud. Without waisting any more time, Vlad pulled me along. Jonny made it a little harder to move faster, so the vampire threw him into the elevator. "That is quite handy" I admitted, getting a smirk from Vlad.

Since my arrival to the hotel, Drac was looking at a picture of him, Martha and baby Mavis.

He was thinking back of the time, he had his wife by his side. But the thought of Ericka and me overtook the good memories...making him feel sad. He assumes that he isn't meant to fall in love again or to live a happy life. He couldn't even found anyone on the dating app. There was just no one he matches with.

At that point, a knock made him nearly drop his phone.

Opening his door, he froze, as his eyes met mine, "What are you doing here?!"

Vlad and I looked at each other, before his father pushed me towards his son, "Don't you have something to say Drac?" Panic filled the Counts mind. He was so sure I wouldn't come back...but here I am. "I eh...eh..."

Suddenly, someone else interrupted the conversation...from the elevator.

"Let me lick you up and down...till you say stop!!!!!"

We all looked at the boy waking up, singing 'freak me' from Silk. It wasn't helping the situation, especially with Drac. I asked Vlad to take care of Jonny, which he gladly accepted.

"Cuz tonight baby, I wanna get freaky with you!!!!!!"

Slam!!!! The elevator was shut...thank god!

I looked back at the vampire, who was trembling in his pink Pyjama, "I eh...would...eh...you...me..." It seems like my silence made it worse; he couldn't get a single sentence out. After five minutes I stopped him, "I have an idea. Here is my number; you can send me a message of what you have to say."

With a little hesitation, he took it.

He followed me with his eyes, as I went down the corridor. Somehow I was concerned about Jonny, leaving him with Vlad. But then as I arrived at his room, I could still hear him singing.

"Boom Boom Boom, let me hear you say way-ooh....way-ooh!!!!!"

I slapped my forehead, "The outhere brothers, is he serious?"

I was concerned about his health condition, but now...I was more concerned about his taste in music. It didn't take long, for the next song....

"Boom, boom, boom...I want you in my room...."

"I am certainly not! I get you water and some painkillers and in the meantime...you just shut the hell up!"


"Ah!" I tensed up at the sound of my ringtone. I checked it and realized; I got a message from an unknown number. Reading it and I knew immediately who wrote it. With a smile, I was heading out the door, until....

"Baby come back...you can blame it all on me!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Shut up Jonny!!!"

Back in Drac's room, he had trouble using his phone to send me a message.

At first, his nails prevented him to unlock his phone and the next, how to write what he wanted. He thought it was hard to ask me out, but writing it was just as bad. With his hand shaking, he tried his best to make the question short and clear, without any misunderstandings. Once he had sent it, his entire body was shaking. Sitting on his coffin while holding the device in his hand, he was waiting for my reply.

But the longer I took, the more he got worried.

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