chapt 6: heh...hey

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~~~~~~~~~~~~Pidges pov~~~~~~~~~~~
As for me and my SISTER WHO CAME TO SPACE TO LOOK FOR US, were hugging I just couldn't believe she was hearing. I had so many things running through my mind.

How did she even get hear?
What is mum doing right now?
Did she even get into the Garrison?
How long was she with the Galra...

At the thought of her being with the Galra made my heart shatter into a million pieces.

I started crying because I wanted to apologize for not coming sooner to save her. Just to make sure this isn't a dream I squeezed her and I could feel her heart racing like she finished a marathon.

(Y/N) looked up at me and I gave her a weak smile. She stepped back wobbling a bit to I think to look at the people that are around as well. She looked back at me and said in a husky voice, "I kept my promise. Look how long my hair is now...heh I was so tempted to cut it all off again but I didn't."

After she said that, I focused on her hair and realized that it was really long now.

Before she even got to look at everyone, Shiro put his hand on her shoulder, this surprised my midget of a sister (like Pidge can talk).

She turned her head around and saw him and started talking. I didn't really listen to what they are saying because I was still in shock at her hearing.

When Shiro stopped talking I zoned back into the conversation they were having. He ruffled her hair which was like his signature dad move.

"I missed you guys.." Was what (Y/N) said before she fell limp on the ground.

When she fell me and Shiro where the first people to go to her. She looked so exhausted. I look and Allura with pleading eyes.

"Quickly! Shiro pick her up and get her to a healing pod!" Allura demanded, and shirk done what he was told.

He carried her bridal style to the infirmary with me holding her freezing cold hands as her life depended on it.

I just got her back...please please please be ok. I thought while watching Shiro place into the pod.

After that, the glass doors closed and the liquid-like substance filled the remaining surface area inside the pod.

Shiro walked up and put his hand on my shoulder. "She will be fine ok? She has always been a little fighter, remember that." He stated to me in a calm voice while wiping some tears from my cheek.

I nodded to him and gave a smile. He is really good at making people feel better... I thought. But, my thinking was cut off but Lance's voice.

"I have a question. Who is she? How does she know Pidge and Shiro? And why does she look like Pidge with long hair?!" He pretty much shouted while throwing his hands around.

"That more than 1 question," Keith stated, followed by a smirk.

"SHUT YOUR QUIZNACK MULLET!" And commence bickering...

"GUYS!" Shiro shouted towards them, "If you want to know them to be quiet and listen." They both became silent.

"Sh-shes my s-sister..." I sniffed out.

"WHATTT?!" Hunk, Lance and Keith screamed in unison. Shiro gave them all a glare so that they will be quiet and let me continue.

Shiro nodded to me to carry on, I smiled back. "Her name is (Y/N) and is only one year younger than me."

Shiro continued, "I knew from her brother since she was close to him and came to visit and watch us train"

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