Chapt 5: i finally found you

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I heard the person who saved me walk towards me and stand in front of me.

"Hey shouldn't a pretty princess like you thank her prince charming for coming to their rescue?" The brunette haired boy in the blue, white and black armour? said while smirking at me and wiggling his eyebrows at me.

"My hero." I sarcastically grunted as I fell to the ground trying to use my double bladed staff to help me back up. "Now can help me fight these things off? I would really not like to be captured and tortured again."

The brunette looked back at me with a worried face, "Don't worry your pretty little heart, I've got this. You sit and rest a little before we start moving again, got it?"

I grunted in response and sat back down to rest and gain some strength in my body while he fought off the guards. While he was shooting them down, I could hear voices coming from his helmet.

"Lance! Did you find anyone we need to know!" Some low voice came out.

"Well yes I did she is in really bad shape but still looks smoking ho-"

"LANCE!" Multiple voices shouted, it even made me flinch.

"But seriously I need some backup. It seems they really want this girl. For some reason, she reminds me of Pidge." The person I think is called Lance said.

Wait...PIDGE! I thought. As quickly as I could I started to spring down the hall while slashing at any guards the came in my way.

"HEY! WHERE ARE YOU GOING, YOU NEED TO REST!!" Lance said while still shooting at the guards

"I NEED T-TO FIND P-PIDGE! I NEED TO MAKE SURE SHE IS SAFE! I...I CANT LOSE HER AGAIN!" I shout back while still running because the adrenalin flowing through me.

After turning a few corners I bump into someone and fall on the floor with a thud. I look up to find someone wheat the same thing as Lance but instead of blue its red. I tried to get back up but his arms wrapped around me so I can't go anywhere.

"Get off of me! I need to get to Pidge! LET ME GO...please I...I need find her..." I panted out while struggling in his arms but gave up in the end.

"I got her Lance don't worry anymore." I think he said into his helmet like what Lance did. "Stop struggling! I'm trying to help you. Just rest we will get you to Pidge soon I promise ok?" He said softly towards me as I nod in agreement and calmed down.

I didn't notice earlier but DAMN I'm tired and every muscle and bone in my body is killing. I start to breath heavy and I assume he noticed because he picked me up bridal style and starts to run towards a massive red

The boy told me his name was Keith and said, "Keep looking at me and try to steady you breathing ok?" I nodded and done what I was told.

When we got into the red lion..thing, he set me on the floor and sat in the seat to drive it? I grabbed ahold of my top and pulled it up to see a massive bruise on my hip, probably from being hit when Turing corners earlier, I thought. Keith turned his head around and I quickly put my shirt back down but, I think he saw as he asked me if I was ok. I hummed in response as he turned his head back around to see where he was going.

"We are landing in the castle now Allura. Pidge you should get hear quickly before this girl rips us apart trying to look for you." He remarked as I grunted at him.

When he landed he helped me up while I pulled away saying, "I haven't had anyone do this before since I was young and I don't need you to do it now. I'm fine on myself-" I said while tripping and he caught me.

"You sure about that?" Keith snickered but a little bit worried.
I pulled away from him and started to limp forward. When I got out of the lion I noticed some people waiting outside. Six people to be exact.

I went through the line of people until I saw the small one in green that looks really familiar to me, and it clicked.

"I finally found you..." I said with tears falling down my cheeks. I noticed her eyes widen and I ran with the little energy in me. At one point I fell the ground exhausted but quickly got back up and ran until I fell into her arms.

She wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me to make sure I was real. I felt droplets fall onto my head, I looked up to see tears like rivers fall out of her hazel orbs.

I stepped back with a wobble and said, "I kept my promise. Look how long my hair is now...heh I was so tempted to cut it all off again but I didn't."

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around to see, "SHIRO?! WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? ERR I MEAN HOW ARE YOU?!"

He laughed and pulled me into a hug.
"I'm good, just glad to see you (N/N)" He chuckled and ruffled my hair. After a little bit, we both pulled out of the hug.

I stood back a little and wobbled. I could even see lil patterns dancing in the air.

"I missed you guys..." Was the last thing I said while backing out.

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