chapt 3: Hear we go

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When (Y/N) got to the galaxy garrison, she could not believe that her family went hear and that next year she was the next Holt to come to here as well. But that was if she didn't get banned from coming.

But...I guess that is happening a bit earlier than expected. Even if she brakes a rule or two.

(Y/N) walked up to the door and tried to open it but there was no such luck. So instead, she got out her homemade computer from the band on her thigh and started hacking the systems.

Luckily for her, all she had to do was connect some wires and then click! the door opened. She let out a breath she didn't know she was holding.

While hacking the systems earlier, (Y/N) was able to get a map of the place. After walking inside she set a course to the ship.

After a few twists, turns and hiding from security, she was able to get to where the ships are kept.

Before going to look for the ship (Y/N) went to the control centre to open up the ceiling. So when she finds the right ship she can go asap.

While looking for the ship that works, someone walked in and saw her.


(Y/N)it's (E/C)'s eyes widened. She ran to the ship closest to the centre of the room, thinking that it would be for when you fly you won't hit anything.

(Y/N)its luck was on her side today as it was the right one. She quickly put her computer into a jack and typed as fast as her small, stubby fingers could go.

Unfortunately, the person came back with a few of his friends...but before they could get to the ship it started to shoot upwards.

(Y/N) sighed, letting out the breath she was holding inside of her.

~~~~~~~~~~~(Y/N)'s pov~~~~~~~~~~~

Did you know that when you plan to find your family that disappeared 1 year -my dad and Matt- and -Pidge- 1 months and 4 weeks ago, you'd go to a place you are forbidden to go to 'borrow' a spaceship to fly into space and look there, that its really hard? Well, obviously I didn't.

Where do I even start to look?

Oh! I know, how about I land on a planet and set up a tracker to find any living thing that might work!

I decided to go to Pluto since that's close to where dad and Matt went...

I put the ship on autopilot. I thought it might be a long time before I got there but, with a few changes to the ship, which I amazingly did, I got there in 5 hours.

While the wait to get to Pluto, I chose to turn off the gravity and float around while while listening to the song Matt dedicated to me called 'I'll Be Good' (song above) to me since he said 'Every time I hear this song I think about how it reminds me of you'.

While solving my Rubix cube for the thirteenth time, dark thoughts started to cloud my mind.

What if I don't find them?
What if they are not in space?
How will I get home?
What if they are-

No (Y/N) don't think like that. I have prepared for this, none of the training I did will get to waste. I will find them no matter what.

The music stopped and at the same time, I saw the dwarf planet in view. I got ready to land.

After landing I searched for the space suit I found earlier in one of the cupboards and put it on. It felt like it knew I was going to wear it since it fit my figure. I put my long hair into two French braids and put on my helm.

I walked out of the ship and started to walk/float around saying, "Dad! Matt! Are you hear!? I came to find you!" I got no response and a tear tried to fall from my (E/C) eyes but never did. Stupid gravity.

I quickly went back to grab my tracker and the rest of my stuff and put it in the band on my thigh, before setting off with the space bike that was also aboard on the ship. How lucky am I?

Since Pluto is quite small, it was not that hard to get to the other side. When I did get to the other side, I saw Kerberos...and there ship was there.

I got on the bike and tried to fly to the moon without thinking. And boy was that a bad idea.

As I got off the petite planet, I forgot gravity didn't work in space. Because of my rational thinking, I am now floating in the middle of nowhere.

As I was floating to who no's where the only thing I could think of was how beautiful space is. Ever since I was young I loved space and the constellations and wondered what was out there. And now I'm here. In space!!

While admiring the view, I noticed a purple light appear on Pluto. I turned my neck and he was a massive ship that I can't describe.

The ship began to come closer and then two small ships came out of the massive ship. SHIP SECTION!!

the two ships began to come closer to me and my heart sank to the pit of my stomach.
One came so close that a rope...sorta thing? Came out of its side and pulled me in.

As I was pulled in to the red and black ship a tall, fuzzy, purple furry guy ??? Greeted me.

"Who are you? Why do you look like a furry? Can you get me to that moon over there I need to find my family." I questioned sounding a bit desperate. And I really was.

"Oh trust me, no ones there anymore. Now shut up." The person? I don't what it is said before there was a pain in my stomach.

I looked down in horror, I screamed in pain and grabbed the wounded part and put as much pressure as possible, as it turned its back toward me.

As I was about to get my stuff from my side to hit it, they grunted and turned on its heal while hitting me in the side of my head.

The last thing I saw before darkness was blood on my necklace...

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I've got to go and save the world now!
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