A Few Hours Later

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(The title is supposed to be read like the Spongebob time skips, so reread it if you didn't get ;p)

Lucy Heartfilia
After interviewing 526 people, I was tempted to quit. I didn't want to do this in the first place! Not to mention that I hate people, I would much rather be a crazy cat lady than socialize with real people. I mean I'm allergic to them (cats), and I would still prefer them over humans.

Natsu was just goofing off (like the idiot he is) and Makarov left to do other work (I would imagine that he has slightly more important things to). Natsu would make annoying, yet hilarious, faces. I think he might have been trying to lighten the mood, but he was mostly just bored. I wanted to ask him to leave, but I'm not too good when it comes to physical defense.

Challenge me to an intellectual battle, and I will put you in your place, but physically I'm a bit below average strength. Not my fault that working out is awful.

I had gotten a routine. Ask three questions (not including their name); can you tell me a lie, have you ever thought of betraying this organization, and have you ever betrayed this organization. I can zone out while asking the questions, but detecting the lies requires my full attention.

"Now, what is your name?" I asked the next suspect. He had messy raven black hair and pale skin. He could be a vampire or a person who just doesn't care anymore (me).

"Hank Kingslr." I suddenly straightened my posture, my eyes scanned his face. Natsu noticed this and discreetly locked the doors.

Ding ding ding, we found our liar.

"Mr. Kindslr, have you ever thought about betraying this organization?"

"No I have not." He said. Wrong answer Hank Kingslr, not like that's his real name. Mhm....... let's assume that his name is......... Rouge. I couldn't care less about his last name since he was definitely the rat. Ugh, why are humans so see through? You can never tell what a cat is thinking until it is too late. Who is really the more exciting species?

"Ok, Rouge, do you work with a man named Sting?" I said while raising my eyebrow in an accusing way. Rouge started to panic, he knew he was caught. Why is it so satisfying to see people get caught in a lie? I mean, it doesn't matter how big the lie is, the reaction is always the same.

Natsu immediately pulled out a walkie-talkie looking device. "Found him." Natsu said in a deep voice while walking over in a very tough manner, an intimidation tactic? Hm..... I think I am slightly scared. Natsu had the presence of a freaking dragon! Shesh, I wouldn't want to be on his bad side.

"So, how about you just sit there nice and pretty for now." I said with a face that my friend Erza calls the You Are Gonna Die. She taught me how to make people shake in fear, although when I do it it's just a bluff. I'm not a fighter, but I'm not a lover either. I guess I'm a..... I will destroy your mental wellbeing with words.

Natsu pulled a seat on another end of the table. His location made it possible for him to attack Rouge if he decided to do ANYTHING, but also protect me if something were to happen.
Rouge suddenly pulled out a firearm. I say suddenly, but I could tell that he was itching to attack us. His hand immediately went down to his leg when we caught him, the whole time Natsu was walking over; his hand was twitching, he sat up slightly, looked at the exits, and his eyes were scanning Natsu's vital points.

Natsu immediately took action and grabbed Rouge's arm. Natsu pressed a pressure point, which made Rouge drop his gun and cry out in agony. I winced at the cry, as any normal person would. Natsu had a stone face, with eyes that could kill.

"N-N-Natsu! That's enough!" I yelled as Natsu kept pressing the pressure point. Rouge's screams were scaring me, Natsu was scaring me.

Natsu reluctantly let go of Rouge. He sat back in his chair with a huff, while Rouge held his arm in pain. I let out a sigh of relief now that the screams had stopped.

The doors suddenly, and I mean suddenly, burst open. I jumped at the sudden noise, which caused me to fall out of my chair. Natsu quickly caught me. He was going to laugh about it when this was done.

The newly entered guards cuffed Rouge and lead him to a holding cell probably. Makarov walked in and congratulated Natsu and I for our work.

"I would like you to continue investigating the other workers, just to be certain." Makarov said to me. Natsu nodded, which kind of made my answer pointless.

Makarov bowed in respect to me and left the room with the remaining guards. Natsu smiled his famous smile and threw his arm around my shoulders.

"Ya did great Luce!" Natsu praised. My heart skipped a beat for some reason, but I was quick to respond.

"I know." I exaggerated a prideful voice. Natsu belly laughed and ruffled my hair. I scoffed at my now messy hair.

"Luce......" Natsu began. His bangs covered his eyes. I raised my eyebrow at him in a questioning manner.

"IM HUNGRY!" Natsu exclaimed. I let out a sigh of disappointment. He could of asked for some food like an hour ago. Someone would have brought him some.

"Natsu........ I'm hungry too." I said as a pang of hunger hit. Natsu immediately reacted to my statement. He picked me up and raced me out the door.

What is he doing?

Ok, sit down boys and girls because it's story time. Ok! So 2 weeks ago I broke my finger. I was in a split for while, just until we could go to the doctors to see what's really wrong ( the emergency care that we went to was just to see if it was broken or sprained. It was broken.). We got to the doctors and explained the situation. I ended up taking some x-rays because my finger was so swollen at the emergency care, it wasn't clear. Time skip to them explaining what's going on. I ended up breaking a piece of my bone off WITH THE LIGAMENT!!!!!!!!! The broken piece moved from the area it broke off of, and to the opposite side.

I'm in a cast now for another week

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I'm in a cast now for another week. We're going to see how my finger healed, but I might need surgery. So......... fml. That is all.

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