chapt 2: I wont stop looking for you

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Ever since (Y/N) found out about another family member has disappeared, she couldn't bear it any longer.

One thing that was in her mind though was that her mum didn't know Pidge was Katie and thought she went missing long before the news report.
She even got the police involved to look for Katie, but there was no avail.

(Y/N) felt guilty since she could not tell her mum that she was safe and sound using an alias in the garrison.
But even if she wanted to now there would be no point since she was now actually missing.

For 3 weeks she wouldn't talk, eat or even move from her desk in her room. Her mum was so scared for her health that she called a hospital to see if they could do anything. When she found her daughter crying that night from the report, she didn't understand why and suspected she had a friend there.

The only thing the doctors were able to do was to make her eat and start moving in her room. But the only time she will move is when she is training to be a better fighter with her dagger that can stretch into a double-bladed staff if she decided.

She only had this because ever since she was a baby, there was this type of band (you could say?) That was around her thigh and no one was able to get it off. Not even her self. She would try to cover it with jeans or tights, anything but for some reason, it always seemed to show up and stayed there as its life depended on it.

There was a secret no one knew about it though except her brother and sister and that was, if she put her hand beside it and thought hard enough, then the dagger or the double-bladed staff would appear in her hands, or if she wanted was able to put stuff in it like a bag but with no weight and it was never-ending. Sort of like Mary Poppins bag.

The reason why she started training was that when she finds Pidge, Matt, and her dad she will be ready to fight whoever stood in her way to get them back.

During the fourth week of finding out about Pidge's disappearance, she became more emotionless and distant towards her mother. (Y/N) also started hacking into the garrisons computer system to see when the next spaceship was ready to be launched. And luckily enough for her, one would be ready next week.

(Y/N) didn't know where to start looking for Pidge in the beginning but, then she thought about it and it just clicked in her brain.

She remembered what Pidge said before she left, and that is when (Y/N) decided that she had to get into space no matter what.

Only one problem...Where does she start to look in the place where there is no end?

(Y/N) didn't care as long as there is a chance to see her family all together in the end.

Ever since Pidge left (Y/N) has changed quite a lot. Her hair now reaches underneath her knees (sorry for short haired people, you will find out later in the book as to why they have it long, then you will be able to change it . Ok? ◠‿◠), she has also got stronger so no one needs to protect her anymore. Unfortunately, though she is still short, but has grown a little.

~~ A week later ~~

Alas, the time has come for (Y/N) to go on the journey she has been waiting for and will hopefully bring back 3 treasures. All she has to do now is wait until night to sneak out and get to that ship.

The clock finally struck 12:00 at midnight after what seemed like decades. (Y/N) held her necklace tight in her petite hands, and walked over to her desk.

"There, I hope mum won't be mad at me. But I need to find them so her family is full again." (Y/N) whispered to her self after 1 month and now 4 weeks.

She reread the note she wrote for her mum which said:

Dear mum,
                    I know we haven't been as close as we used to be but I don't know what to do with myself. So, I decided that I will bring our family back together again. I promise.
Oh and make sure bae bae is fed every day otherwise she will get cranky. I've got to go now otherwise I will miss my stop.
I won't stop looking for them even if my life depends on it. I love you mum don't forget that.
(Y/N) xx

After folding the letter in half she tiptoed into her mum's room and put it on her dad's pillow. (Y/N) ran back to her room and grabbed her bag full of her clothes, snacks, cans of coffee and her equipment. She put the bag next to the band on her thigh and poof! It disappeared.

(Y/N) opened up her window and started to climb out of it. She jumped down landing gracefully on her feet. I guess the training paid off.

"So I guess my story starts now. I won't stop looking for you guys no matter what." (Y/N) said to her self while running up the road to catch the bus.

Wowie another chapter and (Y/N)'s journey starts now.

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