chapt 1: the girl who wondered.

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What you need to know

(Y/N) = your name
(E/C) = eye colour
(F/C) = favourite colour
(F/F) = favourite food
(N/N) = nickname

There was once a young girl who wondered about life, and the world.

Ever since her 2 siblings and farther (Sam, matt, and Katie) went missing she didn't know what to do with her life. (Y/N) was quite a troubled girl after that.

When her father and big brother went missing, Katie and (Y/N) knew it wasn't true that they died by the ship crashing. So, they would sneak out to the Galaxy Garrison to get info about what really happened.

After a while of going there, they got caught and was banned from stepping on the garrison's premises.

When Katie turned 13, (Y/N) was 12, she promised (Y/N) that, " I'm going to get into the Garrison to find out what really happened to dad and matt. But, that means I'm gonna have to go undercover as a boy. That means you will have to call me Pidge Gunderson, got it?" Katie or shall I now say Pidge said with a smirk forming on her lips.

"YAY, your gonna finally use the nickname I gave you! And, make sure no one knows who you are and hurts you otherwise imma come over there and kick their buts!"

"Okay okay calm down." Ka-Pidge chuckled. "But I've gotta go now if I wan-"

"What about mum. What do I tell her, she's already lost half of her family..." (Y/N) piped up while a tear threatened to fall from her glazed (E/C) orbs.

Ka- I mean pidge frowned at her younger sibling and put her index finger and thumb to her chin and rubbed it like she had a beard. " I never thought about that... How about telling her that. I don't know maybe that you got angry and walked out like you always do. Then I went to find you and didn't come back, or something along those lines."

"HEY! IT'S NOT MY FAULT THAT I GET ANGRY AND WALK OUT!! ... Matt's not here to stop the bullies from being mean so I stay on my laptop and hide away ..."

pidge cupped her sister's cheeks and wiped the single tear that fell down from her freckled face."Shh, it's fine. Remember that you have the necklace I gave you to remind you that we are all made of the same cosmic dust and we are all still be together by our feelings."
Pidge softly whispered in her younger sisters ear to calm her down.

After a couple of minutes (Y/N) calmed down in her taller siblings grasp. (WOW, Pidge is taller than someone. But...only by 2 inches)

(Y/N) looked up at her fellow sister with glassy eyes, and the only thing she was able to say was, "Go."

Pidge smiled at her and kissed the speckled girl on the forehead. she ran downstairs with (Y/N) in tow grabbing her stuff on the way. She hugged her lil sis one more time since she thought that it would be the last in a while.

While running out the door, Pidge turned around while waving and shouted, "ILL BE BACK SOON I PROMISE! OH AND MAKE SURE TO TEXT ME EVERYDAY ABOUT YOUR INVENTION! I KNOW IT WILL DO GREAT IN THE WORLD!!" After she startled her sister with the sudden outburst, she turned on her heel and carried on running to get to the bus stop.

And that was the last time (Y/N) ever saw her sister (with long hair), until the late future. I mean yeah they texted nearly every single day since they were separated but, after a month's Pidge stopped replying to her younger sister...

~~1 months later~~

(Y/N) woke up during the night after accidentally falling asleep while trying to Finnish off her project she has been working on since Pidge left, and needed to go get some more coffee and snacks for her bedroom.

This is the first time she ever came out of her room since she got no reply from her beloved sister.

"And now on the news."

While walking down the stairs she heard the news producer (Person? I dunno go along with it) start talking about 4 young people that went missing. She decided to carry on listening so that maybe she could track them down with her nearly finished project. But when she saw who it was, her heart dropped to the ground with the rest of her body and began to sob uncontrollably.

"4 young teenagers have gone missing. 3 from the Galaxy Garrison named: Lance McClain, Hunk Garett, Pidge Gunderson and a boy called Keith Kogane who formally went the school as well if you know any-"

That was the only thing she heard before the only thing she could hear was the loud sobs coming from her mouth...

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