Chapter 14

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Hello friends! So I won't be posting for awhile. I'll try to get chapters out, but they'll be SUPER SUPER small. Sorry.. <3 (Future me: sureeeee "SUPER SUPER small")

(Keith's POV. Also it's a later that day. Lance and Keith were at Keith's house. The others weren't home yet. They still haven't seen Shiro since the 'Date' thing)

I hate not having Lance around. It's lonely. But now, he'll be in my life everyday.. 

"Keith? Keith?" Lance pokes me. 

"What's happening?" I sit up from the couch 

"Ok, so, looks like the others are moving next door." Lance smiles.

"Oh, God" I look down. Lance joins me on the couch. He cuddles up behind me

"Is someone annoyed~" he nuzzles my neck 

"Maybe" I smirk. Lance wraps his hands around my chest and forms a X shape with them across my chest

"Relax Mullet" Lance lightly places his lips on the back of my neck. 

"Fine" I kiss his hand. We hear the door open up. Lance and I run under the coffe table. "Shit" I whisper into his ear "Shiro's gonna be so mad at us for not coming home in time!" 

"Shhhh!" Lance drags me out and stuffs us into to neartest closet.  We stand there uncomfortable. Our legs intertwined and chest touching. 

"Keith.." I hear shiro's crying 

"We'll find him. We knows he's in the city with Lance." Adam comforts him

"I was wrong.. He'll hug me for hours if we get out now.. Stay inside Lance!" I whisper

"Lance will portect Keith. Trust me, I've met the guy. He's head over heals for the dude!" Pidge snickers. 

"..." Lance blushes 

"I'm worried... He's my younger brother, my job is to protect him" Shiro cries 

"Shiro.." Adam had concern in his voice 

"He'll be fine" Pidge walks to the closet where we were hiding. I start to breath heavily. Lance covers my mouth

"Pidge, come over here on the couch" Adam demands. Pidge groans as her footsteps grow quieter 

"Thank god" I whisper under my breath. Lance pushes me closer, He kisses my head. I dig my face into his chest

"Hey, Shiro?" Adam says

"Yes?" Shiro replied 

"Are you ok? You haven't had your coffe" 

"That's was out of nowhere.."

"SORRY!" He cries like Allura on her period

"I'll make some!" We hear Pidge jolt up, and runs to the kitchen. 

\\  //

"Let's come out now" I dig my face into Lance again. It's been 20 minutes or so. They just left the house in search for me again 

"Ok" he opens the door. "It was so hot in there. I thought I was gonna die." He complains

"Oh hush you!" I smirk "Let's go make lunch" 

"Ok" he laughs 

\\  //

We sit back on the couch "Lance" 

"Yes kitten?" I blush as he says 'Kitten' 

"Can we sit in my room? I wanna watch tv"

"Sure" we stand up and walk up the  steps into my room. We walk inside. Lance texts the others. They were living next door, or so that's what Lance thought. "So mullet" 

"What?" I turn on tv 

"Can we continue last night?" 

"WHAT!!" I jump as sit on my bed

"Yeah, I want to watch more of that Anime" he smiles "you thought I ment the Kiss, ha?" 

"What? No... Never!" I lie 

"We can if you want?" 

"Ye- no- mayb- sur- Ehhhhhhhh" I stuff my face into my pillow again "ok.." 

"Alright, Anime it is then!" He takes the remote

"You little Bitch" 

"I love you too babe~" He ruffles my hair. I mumble useless words under my breath. 

"What anime was it?" I ask

"Ummmm, Ouran High school" he smirks "my beautiful flower~" he bows to me then sits next to me.

"You're so gay" I throw my pillow at him

"You're so gay" he smirks 

"You're so annoying" 

"You're so annoying" he says back

"This room is so hot"

"Keith, your so hot" he smirks 

"I'd make out with you" I snicker 

"I'd make out with yo- WAIT HOLD UP!" He crashes his lips onto mine. We fall on the bed. The intro for Ouran plays 

"You are so smooth~" I say breaking the kiss "ok, turn it off. They're home" I sigh 

"Ok.." He looked sad

"Let's go meet them, ok?" 

"Sure!" He smiles 

"Wait here" I walk outside 

"Ok, let's-" Shiro takes off his shoes 

"Hi" I walk down the stairs 

"KEITH!" Shiro wraps his arms around me. Adam followed, then Pidge


"KEITH!!" Adam cries 

"Hi. Ok, can you all let go?" 

"Oh, sorry" Pidge sighs 

"I have someone I want you to meet," I turn to the stairs "BABE! COME DOWN STAIRS" i yell

"Heyyyyyyyy" Lance points finger guns 

"This is my boyfriend" 

"LANCE?!" Shiro's jaw drops 

"HAH! $20! HAND IT HERE GUYS!" Pidge cheers. Lance walks next to me and kisses my  head 

"Fine..." Adam hands her $20

End of chapter 

Word count: 773  

Ok here's some fluff 

Ok here's some fluff 

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