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[ Chapter Three ]

❝I'm not down for this abuse. Even if it isn't directed at me.❞


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Mr. Schuester needed new dance moves. Raven wasn't thinking that in a mean way, she was just thinking that as a dancer herself. She didn't want to see the glee club fail just because their dancing sucked. Regardless to what she said to Coach Sylvester, Raven loved glee club. She thrived there. However, she would still help Quinn with Finn, after all, what are friends for?

This week in glee club, Mr. Schuester was teaching us new choreography and it sucked. So much so, that Quinn and Santana decided to take it up with Rachel. They wanted Rachel to talk to Mr. Schuester about it because they thought that he would listen to her.

"We can't compete with Vocal Adrenaline if we're doing these steps" Rachel complained to Mr. Schuster.

"Mr. Schuester, if I may?" Raven raised her hand to talk to him.

"Of course Raven." Mr. Schuester said and rubbed his head slightly which indicated he wasn't pleased.

"These steps aren't competition worthy. We have to step up our game or we're going to be crushed by the competition. Mr. Schuester, I love how you teach but we seriously need a makeover." Raven spoke and the rest of the club nodded, though Santana glared.

"You're not a trained choreographer. That's what we need to be the best." Rachel spoke, "We need Dakota Stanley."

"Oof. Harsh." Mercedes mumbled.

"He was the understudy to the candelabra for Beauty and the Beast. On Broadway." Raven and Santana spoke at the same time.

"Just because he understudied, doesn't mean he performed." Mr. Schuester complained. It was clear that he wasn't taking this well and Raven wanted so badly to stop but she knew if she stopped, then her fellow Cheerios would report her to Coach Sylvester and being a Cheerio really empowered her.

"Did you ever perform, Mr. Schuester?" Quinn asked, "After high school. Did you even try?"

"Quinn!" Raven hissed at her best friend and moved slightly away from the other Cheerios, almost ashamed to be seen with them.

Mr. Schuester looked upset but before he could say anything, the bell rang and Quinn dragged Raven out of the room.

>> >> >>

"He's not coming." Rachel said, looking at her fellow glee clubbers who were all sitting on their chairs, except for Finn who was plucking something out on the piano.

"What happened?" Finn asked.

"This is all our fault, Quinn. If we hadn't been so harsh." Raven sighed.

Rachel quickly explained what Mr. Schuester had said to her after she came to apologize. Apparently, he gave them permission to hire Dakota Stanley.

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