Bread Boy

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Tris' POV

The next day I'm excited for initiation. Today there will be no fights, thank god. Tobias and myself will teach the initiates to throw knives then have a quick practise at the guns again. Capture the flag is coming up soon so another practise can't hurt. When I search for one of my friends at breakfast I notice Hazel and Augustus sitting together, talking and laughing. I quickly become curious. I let them be but can't help but wonder what their relationship is. Just yesterday Hazel would blush just at seeing Augustus. She also didn't go to dinner last night. I don't know where she was and I honestly don't care. Just as long as she didn't leave the compound without an older Dauntless member. Otherwise she's fine. Eventually I spot Marlene and Uriah. I groan slightly before joining them. It's so awkward joining couples. Plain awkward. As I sit they both smile at me. "Hey Tris." Marlene says.

"Hi Trissy-poo!" Uriah squeals. What. The heck? I just stare at Uriah. "Hey Mar and Uriah I swear I will kill you if you say that again." He starts to laugh but my death glare shuts him up. I grab a piece of toast and look away as Marlene and Uriah start making out. Really? Ugh. Like I said before, this is awkward. I then hear someone clear their throat beside me and I look up to see Hermione. "What?" I say.

"Sorry to be annoying but I just wanted to let you know that your welcome to sit with me and my friends. Um, just because none of your other friends are here and you look uncomfortable." She blushes a deep scarlet as she turns to leave. I actually think about her offer. Well, I might be able to talk to people. I say bye to Uriah and Mar, who don't notice anyway, and catch up to Hermione. At first she's shocked. "Y-your actually going to come?" she stutters. I roll my eyes. "Obviously." she nods and leads me to a table where Ron, Ginny and Harry sit. Ron turns pink, although I don't know why. I don't have to wonder for long though. "Hermione, it was a joke!" he whisper/yells as we sit. Hermione giggles. "Gosh Ron your daft! I invited Six to sit with us because she was in an awkward situation." This makes Ron blush more and Ginny and Harry to laugh. "Hey, can I ask what the situation was?" Ginny asks. I simply point to Marlene and Uriah. The four look to where I'm pointing and quickly look away again. It ended up being fun to sit with them actually. They're a great group. I really like Ginny. She's a bad ass with a bit of Amity still in her. She looks at Harry like his some kind of celebrity. I suppose he is a Dauntless born while she's a transfer. Hermione is nice but so much like an Erudite. It kind of gets annoying. Ron is Ron. I can't give you anything else. Then there's Harry. He seems like the 'star' of the group. I mean he is nice, brave, selfless and smart but I think it's mainly because of the fact that he's a Dauntless born. I leave before them to meet in the training room but so far they're not too bad.

Katniss' POV

I finished my breakfast ages ago, so now I'm just talking to Gale before I have to leave. I met him last year and because I've stayed in Dauntless we still can hang out. His lots of fun. We go out hunting together. Gale can make great snares while I shoot with a bow and arrow. We often go to the Amity fields to hunt. They don't mind since we give the meat to Dauntless to use. It's fun. So far initiation has been boring. Rough, but boring. Johanna is getting on my last nerve. I think 'girl on fire' and 'mockingjay' was uncalled for. I could tell that Six was confused by it. I think Four was but I can't be certain, he can hide his emotions well. I meet eyes with Johanna for a split second. We glare and look away. "So, hunting tomorrow night?" Gale asks. I look up at him. "Um yeah, sure." I smile at him, who smiles back. Gale is hot, yes. I'm not sure if I'd go out with him though, my feelings are confused. I like him as a friend at the moment. Just as I look at the kitchen a boy catches my eye. He looks about fifteen. I think his hair is blonde but the flour makes if harder to tell. "Who's that?" I ask, pointing at the boy. His arms have burn marks up them and his face is red from heat. Why would he be working though? Gale looks at him. "Him? Don't know. Why?" I shrug.

"He looks young." Gale nods. I watch him some more, maybe longer than I should. He seems to make and bake the bread. I smile as I look at the toast. Did he make it? Wait a second, am I in love? No, surely not! I've only seen the boy. After shaking that thought out I come up with a name for him. Bread boy. It seems fitting. When I see the initiates leave I go to. After saying goodbye to Gale I make my way to the training room. All I can do is think of bread boy. Will I see him again? Soon? I don't know. Part of me hopes that I will. I think that's the strange part of me. I smile to myself and walk into initiation, where Six and Four stand with knives. Here we go.

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