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Jaliyah 🌟

I woke up turned my alarm off and went in my bathroom got in the shower after my shower I brushed my teeth then got dress.

 I checked the time and seen it was only 6 and I don't gotta be to work till 7:30 and my Dad texted me

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I checked the time and seen it was only 6 and I don't gotta be to work till 7:30 and my Dad texted me.

Big Irving🍀💚; Hava a good day at work Liyah miss you ❤️.

Liyah🌟💜: Okay and Miss you too 💕.

I got my keys to my car and drove Starbucks. I walked into Starbucks and seen Zo and Kyle.

Hey Liyah. Kyle said.

Hey boys shouldn't you be at practice. I asked. They both nod. I laughed.

Then why are y'all here. I asked.

Got hungry hello we're basketball players we have to eat. Zo said.

Oh they gave us a extra coffee and we didn't order it's a Ice caramel macchiato. Zo said reading the cup.

I'll take it that's my favorite drink. I said grabbing it. I thanked them we both headed to the gym.

You be jamming in that car. Kyle said as we walked into the gym. I nod and took a sip of my drink.

All man I didn't get nothing to eat. I pout. Kyle and Zo both pat my shoulder.

Sucks lil girl. Zo said. Because I'm 5'2 and their 6'6 and 6'8.

Shut up and did you put Ice on your leg last night. I asked as me and him walked to my office.

Umm no I had a argument with Denise. He said. I sighed and take a ice pack out the little freezer in my office and found yogurt in there.

Yes coach is a life saver but here and don't forget to put ice on it Zo. I said handed him the ice.

Thx. He said. I nod and put my yogurt down.

Okay let's do this ball. I said grabbing a seat and Start bending his leg and he start wincing.

Does it really hurt that bad. I asked.

Hell yeah. He said. I sighed and got up.

Guess you can't be moving so much today you gotta chill and relax ball take the ice and go sit in the bean bag chair. I said. He got off the bed and limped to the chair. Then Lopez came in.

Ahh Lopez what you do this time. I asked.

Kinda sprained my finger. He said.

Come here. I said. He walked over to me and I took his hand and popped his hand back in places.

There you go. I said and waved him off. I finished eating my yogurt and throw it away.

Hey J I was wondering if we can like maybe chill or something. Zo asked.

Umm sure when. I said and sat next to him. He put his phone down and looked at me.

How bout this Friday. He asked.

Sure what time Zo. I asked. He chuckled.

Oh right up 8 o'clock. He said I nod and smiled. He smiled back.

Zo coach needs us. Brandon says poking his head in the door.

Umm tell coach to have everyone come in here. I said Brandon nods and soon everyone is in my office coach Luke was talking to them. Most of them were eyeing me. Especially Lonzo.

Did y'all get that. Coach Luke asked.

Yeah. They said most of them lying.

Good okay get out her office now. He said they all left but Zo.

Your a lier. I laughed.He looked at me and brushed me off.

What you talking about. He said acting dum. I laughed.

Most of y'all were looking at me especially you I was watching y'all. I said. He chuckled.

Right do don't play dum. I said.

But your Jaliyah Irving your fine as hell. He said. I smirked and looked at him.

I'm fine as hell. Just think my Puerto Rican mom. I said. After work I went home and got in the shower.  After my shower I got dress for bed and ate and went to sleep.

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