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So i was bored and i was reading LafLams smut and other fanfics.

And i got to this angst where laf and lams are dating, its all cute untill homophobe guy comes and fights with John, eventually guy shots john.

John is 11 day in coma and finnaly wakes up, but he says his last wirds to his boyfriends.

And he dies in frint of their eyes.

As days were going by alex was in pain and laf was a mess.

Unfortunely laf kills himself right infront of alex.

Alex few days after he commits suicide.

And here i am crying over em, its fucking 1:48 why am i awake

Immma sleep now gnight

And pls no more angst ;_;


Also i read laflams vampire au were hamlaf are vampires and they fucking fuck up laurens and guess who came by-

Fucking Hercules- who fucks a john too much 030

Ok imma sleeep gnight💙

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