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I walked into the house after taking the key from under the rug by the porch

I closed the door behind me and fell on the chair and sighed

"Oh no what has she done, he's gonna come after her" I sobbed gently

Then I heard a voice

"Oh am not just gonna come after Her, am gonna kill her" the voice growled

"Show yourself " I yelled and got  up arming myself with a racket I won at the first table tennis in school.

Believe me I do sports

"Am gonna tear her up and dig up her heart to make u a bloody felt sandwich" the voice threatened

Am starting to get really scared and am shaking in my boots right now

"The more she packs the halves of those teenagers, the more I rip out some more" the voice said and laughed

Now I know who it is, leviathan.

"Just have one thing in mind, you won't see me coming" he said and the voice stopped.

On a second thought I was thinking of sleeping when I came in but you know what am getting outta here like asap

I took my bag and hurried down to travis house.

Darly's pov

I was walking down the basement with travis who was trying to get the light switch

"Ah ah" he exclaimed when he turned on the lights, I just don't feel right

"Dude are you okay" travis asked

"Um yeah I mean it's not u Who's gonna get chained up" I scoffed

"Look man its for ur own good, and I will be here for you- but just 5 feet away from u." He blinked and patted my shoulders.

"What about holland" I asked

"Holland?,oh so I should wait for Holland before I chain you? No man, I don't wanna see Holland looking at the way u will rip my guts." He nodded and opened a box

He brought out chains with heavy balls on each string.

"Dude show me mercy man" I yelled and looked at the chains

"I will dude after the full moon." He smiled.

I walked to the iron pillar holding the basement and Travis started to wrap these chains around me, he's having a pretty rough time with those chains.

"Done" he said exhaling heavily after chaining me

"These are squeezing my organs, can't u chain me when the full moon starts" i asked wiggling in the chains.

"That my friend is where my r.i.p starts so no I ain't taking risks" he disagreed while rubbing his dusty hand on his shirt


I got to travis place late cause I had to stop and get some drugs

It's 9:00 pm and the moon is out already

I knocked on travis door but it creaked open.

I dropped my bag on the chair and I was hearing noises from the basement.

I rushed there quickly and saw travis praying and daryl.... well he's pretty in a bad mood right now.

He's eyes are Red and his claws are out, he growling and snarling with saliva dripping from his sharp long canine , he's struggling with the chains.

"Daryl" I yelled and he looked at me and growled

"It's okay,calm down" I said demonstrating and moving closer to him

"Breathe okay, it's gonna be okay," I finally moved closer to him and touched his biceps, he's calming down

"Look at me" I said which he did and I kissed him, he's eyes turned to normal colour, blue and he was weak

"Woah maybe next time I will kiss him" travis smiled and got up from his knees

"Unchain him" I said to travis while holding daryl who had already passed out.

Travis Unchained him and daryl fell but I held him and placed him on my lap.

I was about to touch his forehead when the window shattered in so many pieces

"PEAKABOO I see you " the girl said


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