Chapter 9

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Indie's POV

Letter from Luke:

Dear Indie,

We've been in the same class since prep, ever since year 5 I've had feelings for you but I've been to shy to tell you so I decided to write it on paper. Your the most beautiful girl in the world. I love you Indie May Stratford.

From Luke.

Aww OMG that's so cuteeee! I thought to myself I hugged the letter tightly not wanting to let go.

Tara's POV

I woke up instantly for school, jumped out of bed and started getting ready I was feeling so happy for some reason.

I ate some yummy French toast for breakfast with some orange juice.

Today is a day where I'm starting to catch the bus with Chris, Pariss, Indie, and Jacob the others don't catch it. I am quite nervous actually because I am scared I will trip over or something because I'm so clumsy.

I stumbled out of my house to walk to the bus stop but I saw the bus already there and sprinted over to it. I steadily walked on the bus out of breath. I went and sat next to Chris who was one seat from the back.

"Nearly miss the bus aye?" Chris laughed.

"Heyyy! shut up" I smiled punching him softly in the arm.

"Oww." He said sarcastically.

"Aw sorry, we might have to go to hospital." I joked standing up reaching my hand out so he could hold it.

He pulled me back onto the chair, I kind of slightly fell on him but he just laughed. He looked down at me I looked up at him and he kissed me.

Oh my love for him, I cannot describe in words itself. His my world, nothing will come between that.

We hoped off the bus then I realised that today won't be as good as I thought it would be, because Pariss is still pissed at Beth.

Uhhh what do I have now? Maths?! Uhh great! Best way to start the day off!! I honestly hate maths so much, I suck at it so bad! Plus it's morning so all these equations are going to give me a headache!

It was half way through the class and yep I guessed it, I had a massive headache and I couldn't think straight I would prefer having maths any other time than morning!

-- RECESS --

Since not everyone is in the best mood with each other, me and Chris are just going to hang out.

We found a quiet place where no one was outside on the grass, and we just talked it is so great that I have someone that I can talk to about my problems and what I'm going through I mean I know I have Indie, Pariss and Jacob but I just love to have people that won't judge me or will give good advice in tough times.

Luke's POV

I felt myself shaking uncontrollably, this is my moment I've been waiting for since year 5. My knees were trembling my fear begun to kick in more and more.

I'm just going to walk up to her with all my courage and ask her out seems good to me. Uhh oh no i'm toooooo scared, I'm like the lion from the wizard of oz I need courage.

I looked over to Indie, she was just casually sitting with her friends. No, I can't do it ill interrupt.

Okay yep I am not doing it, maybe I'll just get like Jacob or Chris or Alex to do it for me. Wait no, that's a bad idea it makes me look like even more of a scaredy cat.

Whatever I'm gonna get Chris to do it, he did it with Tara didn't he. But I can't just randomly ask him, his sitting with Tara alone ill interrupt the love.

Indie's POV

Wow just wow, boys are so confusing first they give you a letter saying they LOVE you then they ignore you the next day. Seriously every time I look over to Luke he turns his head straight away I mean I couldn't have done something to piss him off we haven't talked until he gave me that letter.

Hmm maybe it was a dare, obviously a popular, hot guy wouldn't date me.


Tara's POV

Sport? really?! I absolutely suck at sport! I swear I suck at everything, it really sucks. Plus the most embarrassing thing is Chris will see how much I suck.

Yess! we are playing soccer, I actually like soccer I just kick the ball whenever it's near me and it lands where it lands.

I saw the ball coming straight at me, I didn't move my head in time and it hit me straight in the face. I fell my head hit the ground hard, I felt blood rushing from my nose. Holding my hands to my head, I couldn't possible get up I felt weak.

Chris ran up to me as quick as possible.

"OMG Tara, I'm so sorry I really didn't mean it!" Chris said worriedly.

"It's okay, I'm fine." my voice was really quiet.

"Chris can you take her to first aide please?" My sport teacher asked.


Chris steadily stood me up and we walked slowly towards the first aide. My head felt like it was going to burst.

We reached the first aide room, Chris hugged me carefully.

"Just incase you have to go home and I don't get to hug you, I love you and hope your okay."

"I love you too," my mind felt like it was in outer space.

I was in the first side room for just 30 mins and they said I had to get sent home. I still have a massive headache, I went to my locker got my bag and went to wait for mum.

I just hope I'm feeling better tomorrow.


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