End Of Time (Part Two) {Kara X Male!Reader}

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Part two of the request by RavusWolf
Apologies for the wait, I've been so stressed, busy, and have a lot of requests. The third and final part should come shortly after.

The date ended, sending you and Kara off into the Detroit night

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The date ended, sending you and Kara off into the Detroit night.

Her laugh filled your ears with joy, reminding you why you were so gleeful. You held her hand tightly, afraid that the world would take her from you.

No, not this time. You almost lost her a few years back in the Revolution, you won't lose her for real this time.

"(Y/n)?" She asked.


"Why do you love me? I'm an Android, surely you could've—"

"Kara," You said, holding both her hands, staring right into her eyes. "It doesn't matter if you're Android, a human, or even an alien!"

She laughed, her cheeks turning a blue through her pink blush makeup.

"I love you. For you, Kara." You said sternly, yet with care and concern.

"I love you too. I'd risk anything for you!" Kara let out with a small laugh, tears forming at her eyes.

The two began walking again, admiring the city lights over the water.

You leaned against the metal guard rail, admiring your girlfriend instead of the lights, a smile appearing on your face.

Your mind was so full, so distracted, that you didn't even her the foot steps that approached you both.

"Just give me your wallet, and you won't have to get hurt."

You and Kara turn to the hooded man, you face turning pale from fear. You stepped in front of Kara, shielding her from the mugger.

"You don't have to do this," You said.

"I don't have a choice," He growled. "I don't have a job, and I'm broke. Now don't make me ask twice." He threatened, his grip tightening on the handgun.

You didn't hesitate, as you grabbed the gun, wrestling the man for it.

"Kara! Run!" You said, hoping she'd get to safety.

"Not without you!" She cried out.

The man was strong, as the gun began to point at you. Pushing the robber off, the trigger was pulled.

You fell to the ground, too shocked to process what had happened. The gun blast probably scared the man off, as you heard footsteps running away. He probably was shocked as well...

"(Y/n)!!" Kara shouted.

You felt arms around your body, holding you close.

"Please, talk to me," She sobbed.

"Kara, are you okay?" You uttered out.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. Oh, (Y/n), please stay with me." She choked back tears. "I alerted an ambulance, just-just hang on!"

You held her hand tightly, squeezing it so she couldn't be taken from you.

But it was you who was near stolen.

To be continued

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