Chapter 3

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Guys lets assume that Darren knows your name in this part :)

should I edit chapter one?And also lets assume Darren is still in the voice even though I described him as a celeb in chap 1 :)


Your pov


I have great news to tell you guys!~










I got invited to play the cello in The Voice Kids Finals!~

yay!  Btw I've been playing the cello for about 7 years already :).And yeah I'm soo excited. I'm currently doing some warm ups. I'm so excited!~.

Darren's pov

I am in my dressing room alone. I'm so nervous.

"Darren, Here is the list of Musicans who will play later in your performance" Ate Alex handed me the paper

"Thanks :)"

I decided to take a look on the list.

This one caught my eye:



Kate Fernandez

Rob Santoa

__________ (Your name)


So she'll be here later :} I didn't know she can play the cello :)

"Darren time to get ready , The show starts in an hour" One of the staffs told me

"Yes Ma'am" I replied

Your pov

I told my mom the news and she was happy also my lil sis btw.

So I chose to wear a white  dress like Lyla Novaceck's in August Rush the movie. I packed up my cello and kissed my mom and sister goodbye.

NewPort Performing Arts Theater Backstage

I Rosined (A/N: is dis even a word? O.O) my bow and did some warm-ups again.

"Hi _______ I didn't know you can play the cello"

I looked up and saw Darren smiling

"Hi Darren :) Yeah I play the cello"

"Btw are you ready?"

"Um yeah I think" Darren says

"Oh good to know"


I noticed another guy arrived.

He was tall he kinda look american tho. He was doing a high five with Darren.

"And ______ Btw this is Juan Karlos or JK for short"Darren

"Hi nice to meet you" JK said as he pulls his hand out for a handshake

"Hi JK ,I'm_________ Nice to meet you too"

And there was silence AGAIN

There was an eye contact between me and JK......

*dug *dug *dug*dug*

"We better get going ________,Bye see ya !" Darren broke the eye contact

"Bye Goodluck you guys!"

JK was kinda cute *blushes* Haynako stop it _______


Hi guys was it okay? :) short chap tho :(

If you caught any misspelled words and wrong grammar stuff please do not hesitate to correct me :) And sorry guys I don't edit that much :( And sorry for the messy chaps :( I'll take time to edit soon... :)

Congrats Lyca! and to JK,Darlene and DARREN ! They all did a great job right? Sad to say I've heard Darren will be going back to Canada but I don't if its true tho :/ Sorry for the long A/N :}



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