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The red knife that materialized in the palm of Cadell's hand could not be seen by the human eye. It was a small four-inch blade constructed from an unidentifiable material. One that would eventually be known as the most versatile substance known to man. Light as a feather, stronger than steel and enough energy in one kilogram to fuel half a city...


As one of Cadell's hands shakily tightened around the knife, his parents continued their heated argument, completely oblivious. "If there is even the slightest chance he will become a monster, we should do what is necessary. It is our responsibility." His father's voice was composed, but the gun in his hands quivered as if it had a life of its own.

"He just needs treatment! I know he can improve!" His mother begged. She slowly moved forwards.

"Kalice... You need to accept it. He was always one of them. He isn't really our son"

"You don't mean that. We raised him. We took him in as our own. We-"

Cadell chuckled.

The laugh progressed into a hysterical cackle. His parents watched quietly at the boy's final proof of insanity. Their final warning. His pupils shifted from a natural brown to a muddy, dilated purple. When his eyes refocused, the Delirium knife swiftly ripped through flesh and a scream pierced the air. Silenced Gunshots instantly followed. They were rapid at first, but they stopped as soon as they came.

A struggle, another limb slashed. Why am I laughing? Cadell wondered.

Pleading, shouting, a strangled cry. What am I doing? Cadell wondered.

Then, there was silence.

Cadell's eyes returned back to normal. He looked at two bodies sprawled across a carpet, a black hole of crimson engulfed them. "I did this?" he whispered, already knowing the answer. "No, no, no, no, no, no!" He sunk to his knees. For a few moments, Cadell stared into space. His emotions abandoned him as his brain gave a futile attempt to erase the traumatic memory. Blood dripped off the delirium knife and trickled down to his arms.

Well done, boy. The voice boomed.

Cadell wanted to yell, but instead, he simply clenched his fingers around the knife until they were numb. And then, for the first time, Cadell's thoughts synchronised with the voice in his head.

I will end this.

He raised the Delirium knife high in the air with two hands, and his chest inflated, surging a pocket of air up his nose. However, just before Cadell could plunge the knife deep into his skull, a soft murmur caught him in his tracks.

"My beautiful son." His mother said.

Cadell let go of the knife. He shuffled towards his mother, who lay on her side. A tired smile appeared on her face as if she had woken up from a nap.

"It's going to be alright, Mum." Cadell lied. He would have applied pressure to the deepest cut but all of them seemed lethal. How much blood had she lost? How many times had she been... Cadell held back tears. He had to be strong for a bit longer. For her.

She stared intently at Cadell. "Don't hate yourself. Prove to everyone... that you're not a monster. We... fo..."

Tears finally began running down Cadell's face. Mr and Mrs Walker were dead. In between heavy sobs, Cadell began to cry out words that only brought more pain. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."


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