Chapter 1: The Secret Weapon

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March 4th
Italy, Bologna


"Bella, you're in 5 minutes!" my boss peeks into the dressing room with a smile, allowing the loud music from the club to momentarily invade the make up room. "You look stunning." she crosses her arms mandatorily looking me up and down.

"I told her!" she snapped her fingers wagging a finger towards me. Never smiling. Leyla was never happy to be here.

"Thank you Minttu." I reply giving Leyla a side eye but quickly smiling at my boss." I'm glad you approve." I nod gratefully watching her from the mirror.

"Whatever!" Nicole rolled her eyes looking at me then back at the other mirror where she's furiously dabbing some make up product. Typical Nicole.

"You just need a bigger smile in those plumb lips of yours." Minttu walks closer ignoring Nicole', fixing some of my long just-made curls on the back.

I sigh nodding avoiding eye contact with her. "I know boss, I'm sorry."

"Is everything alright?" the Finn folds her arms behind me.

"Just a little bit nervous." I smiled nervously rolling my shoulders.

"You're our best secret weapon Bella, you're the best don't be worried you're doing an amazing job you're everyone's favorite."she rests her hands above the table standing side by side with me.

Nicole laughed bitterly shaking her head." I'm just gonna stay quite because this ain't my business."

" If that ain't your business why don't you shut that fucking dirty swallowing mouth of yours?!" Leyla asks getting up to face the shorter brunette. That's my best friend ladies and gentlemen.

Minttu sighs shaking her head. "Nicole, please." she jerks her chin towards the open door signaling the American to leave.

"Whatever!" she mumbled grabbing something from the table almost rolling her hips while leaving.

"That's why you're the favorite!" Minttu exclaims giggling making me smile shaking my head. "I'm not saying this just because I'm your boss, but also because you're my friend above anything."

She rested her chin above my shoulder with a hint of a smile." Is that so? " she nod.

" The number clearly increased since our Bella started dancing. " she admitted

" I can't even dance! " I exhale laughing bitterly.

"But you do please them on bed." she points out with a smirk.

"Not that I have a choice, I don't do anything well."Minttu cocked her head back rolling her eyes.

"That's the price of money sweetheart, aren't you happy that you got money' to spend."

"Still can't pay my bills, Minttu. I'm not like you!"

"You're prettier than me. And sexier, now go out there and do what you're paid for." she titled her head grabbing me by my chin. "You're my favorite secret weapon." she winked whirling around when her phone starts ringing. "I need to pick this up, while you go out there and slay, yes?" I only nod while she's placing the phone on her ear a huge smile spreading across her red matte lips when she closes the door behind her.

"Why don't we just leave and find another job?" Leyla suggests sighing when her hazel eyes meet mine.

"Because we both want to have a good life Lele, because you need this money for your mom." I whisper the last part.

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